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Campus Safety and Security

Campus Security
Emergency: 515-263-6000
Non-Emergency: 515-263-6001

Grand View is one of the nation’s safest colleges, with campus safety that ranks well into the upper quartile of colleges its size.

The university takes advantage of the very best aspects of a metropolitan setting – the urban vitality students crave combined with a safe residential neighborhood with a rich history. The well-established Union Park neighborhood is composed primarily of single-family homes, many that have been occupied by several generations of the same family. An active neighborhood association hosts events, welcomes newcomers and helps create a cohesive neighborhood identity. Several Grand View faculty and staff – and their extended families – call the Union Park area home.

We know that safety and security are important to students and to parents sending a student off to college, so we want you to know that we take the safety of our students very seriously.

Security in campus spaces
Although Grand View experiences no problems stemming from the neighborhood, like all colleges we strive to guard students against the infrequent intrusion of outsiders. Toward that end, Grand View has in place:

• Electronic keycard security in all campus residences.
• Security lighting and emergency phones across campus.
• Security staff to patrol campus and serve as student escorts at all hours of the day and night, every day of the year.
• Shuttle service to and from all campus locations.
• Security cameras in residential parking lots.
• Regular building security checks.

Grand View has very few instances of intruder acts. We provide education to students at orientation and at other intervals about how to ensure their own personal safety, helping them understand the measures they can take to keep themselves safe. In addition, the university will take any proactive legal measures that might be necessary to protect a student.

Security in a social setting
Many security problems on college campuses happen within the campus community itself, sometimes related to student substance abuse or emotional issues. While we have few significant problems in these areas, the university views them as serious issues when they do arise. We approach them from two perspectives: prevention and intervention.

Prevention.  All of the measures that help protect students from outside intrusions also help prevent problems within the campus community. In addition, professional staff in all residence halls monitor student behavior and assist when the occasional problem arises.

The university offers a variety of educational programs to help students create a community free of pressures and problems, whether they stem from substance abuse, date rape or other inappropriate behaviors. Strict, detailed policies and sanctions for violation are outlined in the Student Handbook. Students are made aware of those policies and are expected to abide by them.

Intervention. Residence hall and other Student Life staff take proactive measures to intervene quickly when a problem surfaces. Decisive disciplinary action can head off most problems within the campus community. If necessary, the school brings in community law enforcement, takes legal action or avails itself of other community resources.

Security of Property
We also takes steps to secure the property of students and the institution itself, using the same measures we employ to guard our students’ physical safety. It is inevitable, however, that the occasional property crime happens. In those instances, the Des Moines police are called.

Security Summary Information

Annual Campus Security Policy and Report
Also available in hard copy upon request in the Student Life Office.