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Councils and Volunteers

Grand View National Alumni Council (NAC)
Grand View University’s National Alumni Council enables the university in furthering its mission to:

  • Facilitate communication and community building about alumni, students and the University’s faculty and staff.
  • Promote the University and enhance its image and reputation locally, regionally, and nationally.
  • Strengthen relationships among alumni, students, the community and the Church.
  • Develop and support programs to meet the needs and interests of alumni and students, while embracing the priorities of the University.
  • Encourage alumni and friends to support the University through ongoing participation in campus activities, volunteerism, and financial contributions.

Click HERE to view current NAC members.

For more information about NAC or how to be a part of it, email Laine Mendenhall-Buck at alumni@grandview.edu or call 515-263-2957.

Volunteer Opportunities
Grand View alumni are made up of a diverse, enthusiastic group of people. The Grand View alumni office is always looking for opportunities to connect and serve its graduates. We encourage you to share your time and volunteer!

Types of volunteer options:

  • Serve on our National Alumni Council
  • Be a career mentor
  • Homecoming planning
  • Alumni event planning

 For more information on volunteering opportunities, email the alumni office or call 515-263-2957.