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Faculty and Staff

About the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning


Founded in 2005, the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning was established to advance teaching excellence, improve the use of instructional technologies and enhance student learning. The Center’s programs and services are available to all members of Grand View’s teaching community involved in the instructional process. In support of its mission, the Center has six strategic goals:

  • Provide a physical and intellectual space devoted to excellent and innovative teaching among Grand View instructors and Grand View students preparing for a teaching career.
  • Create a community of peers to deepen understanding of the teaching and learning processes by helping instructors gather, assess, and reflect on information about teaching and student learning.
  • Cultivate dialogue about teaching and learning through workshops, consultations, and other programs.
  • Support experimentation with innovative and emerging uses of instructional technology and methods; expand usage of current technologies.
  • Disseminate research and facilitate access to resources that support teaching and learning.
  • Support new full and part-time faculty members as they join our community.


Dr. Kevin Gannon, Director

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning was launched in 2005 with Title III grant funds. Kevin became the Center’s Director in 2014. Kevin earned his B.A. from James Madison University, his M.A. from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and his Ph.D. at the University of South Carolina. A Professor of History, he has been at Grand View since 2004, and served as Chair of the History Department from 2011-2014. Kevin is dedicated to helping faculty develop as teachers and as academic professionals. His passions include course design, technology, and innovative student-based learning strategies. He has given talks and workshops around the country on topics such as course redesign and integrating technology into college History courses. He has also worked with K-12 Social Studies teachers in Iowa in several capacities to provide professional development and continuing education. Kevin was recognized by Grand View with the Excellence in Faculty Scholarship Award in 2010, the (Excellence and Innovation in Teaching) EIT Award in 2014, and he also coordinates institutional efforts to encourage, promote, and support the scholarly work of the University’s faculty and academic staff. He remains an active member of Grand View’s faculty, teaching half-time for the History Department in addition to his CETL duties.

Karly Good, Instructional Technology Specialist

Karly has been working in instructional technology since 2003 and a member of the Grand View community since 2010.  Her goal is to help faculty with innovation, efficiency and interation of educational technology.  She has been employed by three online educational entities and other teaching and learning centers. She has given presentations at local, national and international conferences on the mentoring of faculty in instructional technology and instructional design and pedagogy for blended courses.  She is an Iowa Distance Learning Association Board member and the current President. Karly has a B. A. from the University of Northern Iowa in Biotechnology and a M.Ed. from Wake Forest University in Secondary Science Education. She is currently working on her Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instructional Technology from Iowa State University.

Advisory Board

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) Advisory Board serves in a voluntary capacity to assist the Center’s Director in addressing the development needs of Grand View full- and part-time faculty members, leading to improved student learning. The Board’s assistance is requested to:

  • Guide long-term planning for CETL and its role at Grand View, including addressing issues such as the Center’s mission, goals, and strategies.
  • Identify and prioritize major teaching and learning needs and opportunities across the university; suggest ways for CETL programs, services, and resources to address these issues.
  • Serve as advocates and liaisons for CETL within colleges/units and the broader university community.
  • Provide direction on assessment of CETL’s effectiveness and review results; strategize about ways to build on strengths and address challenges.
  • Advise on teaching and learning programs, policy issues, and other faculty development initiatives.

Members of the Advisory Board include:
Dr. Paul Brooke, Professor of English
Dr. Josh Call, Associate Professor of English
Dr. Idit Hazan, Professor of Biology
Mr. Steve Snyder, Professor of Humanities
Ms. Cyndi Wiley, Assistant Professor of Art and Design
Ms. Jennifer Ulie-Wells, Assistant Professor of Education

Dr. Kevin Gannon, Director, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning and Professor of History
Ms. Pam Christoffers, Special Assistant to the Provost
Ms. Karly Good, Instructional Technology Specialist, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning
Ms. Pam Rees, Director of the Library
Dr. Patty Williams, Dean for Graduate and Adult Programs


Appointments outside of these hours are available upon request. Please come see us!

Academic Year

Monday-Friday, 8:15 a.m.-4:30 p.m.


Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

Location and Space

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning is located in the beautiful Rasmussen Center for Community Advancement Professions at 2800 Grandview Avenue, Room 208. The office suite includes the offices of the Director and Instructional Technology Specialist, along with a collaborative work space that can accommodate workshops and meetings for up to 25 individuals. To inquire about using the CETL meeting room, please contact Karly Good, 515-263-2831, kgood@grandview.edu. The CETL space is connected to the education curriculum lab and houses specialized equipment for current and future teachers.