Faculty and Staff

External Grant Seeking for GV Faculty and Staff

From developing your ideas to presenting them successfully to grant-making agencies, assistance is available! Successful grants are a major benefit to professional scholars and to Grand View, and we would like to help you achieve successful grants-seeking outcomes.

The Grand View Grants Team, including Pam Christoffers, Marge McCollough, and Cathy Brent, will provide personalized support throughout the grant-seeking process. Such support is important because, while grant seeking isn’t difficult, it has many facets—and it can be complex. With experienced guides helping you map the way forward, grants seeking can be professionally and personally gratifying.

At Grand View, the grant application process includes:

  • Developing a fundable idea
  • Identifying funding sources
  • Ensuring your idea is congruent with Grand View’s goals and priorities
  • Creating reasonable timelines for completing the grant application and the grant-funded project
  • Developing the grant budget
  • Completing the grant application
  • Obtaining authorizations and submitting the application

After you receive an award, the Grants Team will help you understand your responsibilities as a grant recipient and will guide you in completing reports required by Grand View and the grant provider.

The Grants Team contact is Pam Christoffers (, Special Assistant to the Provost. Please contact Pam at 515-263-6023 as soon as you begin to develop a research or scholarship idea. The Grants Team has decades of experience in the grants industry and will help you navigate the road to success.