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Faculty and Staff

Grant Seeking for GV Faculty and Staff

From developing your ideas to presenting them successfully to grant-making agencies, assistance is available! Successful grants are a major benefit to professional scholars and to Grand View, and we would like to help you achieve successful grant-seeking outcomes.  For assistance in finding and applying for grants, please contact Cindy Schaffer, Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations, at (515) 263-2910 or cschaffer@grandview.edu.

Internal Grant Opportunities

CETL provides resources for faculty members to engage in activities to further their development and scholarship, or to provide educationally-meaningful activities for students outside the classroom.

Teaching Scholars
Full-time faculty members who wish to implement innovative teaching and learning strategies are eligible to apply for semester-long Teaching Scholar appointments. Teaching Scholars are responsible to implement a specified project and disseminate their new knowledge within the Grand View community. The focus of the funding fluctuates depending upon changing institutional priorities, but typical projects funded for 1-3 credits of overload include:

  • research best practice and implement pedagogical strategies that lead to improved classroom instruction and increased student engagement/achievement;
  • engage in a scholarship of teaching and learning project to document and disseminate effective classroom practices;
  • utilize classroom technologies in new and effective ways; or
  • develop curriculum (new course proposals must be approved by the GV Curriculum Committee before the Teaching Scholar application is made).

Limited funding is available and the application form includes a rubric describing how funding decisions are made. Applications are made available each semester; please contact Pam Christoffers (pchristoffers@grandview.edu) or Kevin Gannon (kgannon@grandview.edu) for additional information.

Faculty-Student Engagement Grants
Mini-grants are available to fund educational activities held outside of the normal classroom to augment what’s being taught in the classroom and to help students feel connected to GV, their instructor, and each other. These activities help students’ social and intellectual development and allow them to gain insights into goals and career choices. All full and part-time Grand View faculty members are eligible to be reimbursed for expenses incurred through these activities – up to $200 per semester.
Typical activities include outings such as poetry readings at a coffee house, biology field trip to the lake, pizza study sessions before the mid-term/final exams, traditional African dinner served at a faculty member’s home, and trips to the Art Center.

Limited funding is available and the application form describes how funding decisions are made, including relationship to classroom objectives, creativity, and more. Applications are made available each semester; please contact Pam Christoffers (pchristoffers@grandview.edu) for additional information.

Seeking External Grants
At Grand View, the grant application process includes:
  • Developing a fundable idea
  • Identifying funding sources
  • Ensuring the idea is consistent with Grand View’s strategic goals and priorities
  • Creating reasonable timelines for completing the grant application and the grant-funded project
  • Developing the grant budget
  • Completing the grant application
  • Obtaining authorizations and submitting the application
The Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations will provide personalized support throughout the grant-seeking and writing process. Such support is important because grant seeking has many facets, and it can be time intensive and complex. With an experienced guide helping you map the way forward, grant seeking can be professionally and personally gratifying.
Grand View’s contact for grants is Cindy Schaffer (cschaffer@grandview.edu), Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations. Please contact Cindy at (515) 263-2910 as soon as you begin to develop a research or scholarship idea, or once you identify a grant opportunity to explore. Ms. Schaffer has nearly two decades of experience in the grants industry and will help you navigate the road to success.
After you receive a grant award, the Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations will help you understand your responsibilities as a grant recipient and will guide you in completing reports required by Grand View and the funder.