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Faculty and Staff

Teaching and Learning

Teaching and Learning is at the heart of what we do at Grand View, and CETL’s mission is to support teaching and learning in all its forms. We offer a range of programming, consultations, workshops, and other opportunities for faculty and academic staff to develop as teachers and professionals—everything from “just in time” teaching tips to technology training to assisting departments in course and curriculum design. Working with individual faculty, departments, and the general academic community, CETL serves in advocacy, mentoring, and developmental roles for Grand View. We create the space for an ongoing conversation about teaching and learning.

As a newer addition to our CETL website, here is a link to our weekly Teaching Tips Blog.

Learning Technologies

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning provides facilities, equipment, services, workshops, and individual consultations for faculty and students using technology as an educational tool that facilitates student learning. Some of the available equipment includes:

Located in Rasmussen:

  • Some video/audio editing and conversion
  • Voice recorders
  • Laptop cart in the Rasmussen Center (20 computers)
  • Six computer stations for faculty use and training
  • USB mouse
  • USB Webcams
  • USB Microphones
  • GoPro video equipment
  • 72” presentation monitor, workstation, and cart
  • Wireless keyboard and trackpad
  • SmartBoard for practice
  • Mobile projector cart
  • Wireless presentation advancers
  • Wireless keyboard and trackpad

Located at the Library:

  • Digital still and video cameras (with tripods)
  • Turning Point “clickers” sets of 30
  • Apple projection adapters (DVI, VGA, and Mobile for iPad and iPhones)

Available services include:

  • Instructional Design for Face-to-Face, Blended, and Online learning environments
  • Technology workshops to share ideas, experiences, and questions
  • Weekly Technology Tips as part of the Teaching Tip newsletter
  • Blackboard support (learning management system)
  • Panopto support (lecture capture technology)
  • Assistance preparing or modifying instructional materials
  • Troubleshooting assistance for applications and equipment
  • Individual consultations
  • Class presentations and refresher training on a variety of topics, including “clickers”, Blackboard, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Web2.0 applications, and SmartBoards

Contact Karly Good at 263-2831 (kgood@grandview.edu) for more information about using instructional technologies at Grand View University.

Resources for Part-time or Adjunct Instructors

CETL co-sponsors (with the Dean’s Office) an orientation program and workshop for part-time faculty shortly before the beginning of each semester. CETL’s programming and resources are available for all part- and full-time Grand View faculty and academic staff. Part-time faculty are encouraged to use the CETL and its computer workstations if they wish to avail themselves of additional workspace. Further resources for part-time faculty may be found on Blackboard, where CETL staff maintain a “Part-Time Faculty Orientation and Resources” course site (login required).  If you find you do not have access to these resources, contact the CETL staff.

Teaching Accelerated Classes
Developing Curriculum

As a part of the CETL mission, we also support departments and programs in their development of curriculum.  One of the main tools we use is a curriculum map template - coming soon! 

Teaching Blended and Online Courses
Teaching Veterans
Teaching Tips: Archives