Faculty and Staff

Workshops and Conferences

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning offers a variety of programs to meet the needs of instructors at every stage of their teaching career. All full and part-time faculty members will find participation in CETL programs a welcoming opportunity for exploring teaching and student learning in a collegial setting.

Conversations On...

We hold various afternoon workshops throughout the year where we have Conversations on...

Teaching.  Full and part-time instructors gather to discuss topics related to improving teaching and learning. Sessions typically begin with a short presentation followed by discussion with workshop participants.

Advising.  Faculty and staff who advise students gather to discussed improved advising practices.

Technology.  Full and part-time instructors meet to discuss and try out new technologies related to improving teaching and learning.

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL). Full and Part-time instructors gather to explore topics for research and meet as writing groups for support.

The Core. Faculty and Staff meet to discuss matters of working on and implementing our general education core.

Information Literacy. Full and Part-time instructors meet to discuss ways to integrate library research and information literacy into their classes.

Check back for updated dates for fall Conversations!

Part-time Faculty Orientation and Development

Grand View University is committed to providing an exceptional classroom environment for its students with learning facilitated by first-rate instructors. To that end, faculty development is a high priority in our community. All Part-time faculty are under contractual obligation to attend at least one faculty development event per semester. Presentations and dialogue offer ideas to enhance student learning through practical advice on basic teaching practices.  Part-time reception and orientation will be held on in August. Check back for fall dates.


Summer Institute

This is an annual multiple-day event taking place in late spring or early summer. Faculty and staff members gather to learn how to be more effective in their roles at Grand View. Nationally-known experts come to campus to share their knowledge and facilitate the sessions.

This year's event is over. If you have questions about the Summer Institute, please contact Dr. Kevin Gannon at


For Instructors
Tuesday - Friday, May 26-29
If you are prepping a new course, or revisiting a current one, this workshop will give you everything you need to make it a great one!  Attendees will come out of this workshop with numerous resources to design (or redesign) courses that are fulfilling experiences for both faculty and students. We’ll work on course mapping, designing effective learning objectives (and integrating them with, for example, Core Curriculum objectives), creating assessments and rubrics, and designing class activities to maximize student engagement. The workshop will be hands-on and highly interactive, and it promises to be a rewarding and valuable experience.

Guest Speaker: Dr. Katie Linder

Dr. Katie Linder is the director of the Center for Teaching and Scholarly Excellence at Suffolk University in Boston. Katie earned her Ph.D. in Women’s and Gender Studies from Ohio State University. She worked in the University Center for the Advancement of Teaching at Ohio State University before taking her current position at Suffolk. Katie’s research interests include: cultural studies of education, literature, and film studies, youth studies, academic writing development, and faculty development.


For Faculty and Staff
Friday, May 29
Placing students, their learning, and their total experience at the center of our work is at the heart of Grand View’s mission.  Improved retention rates are the outcome of increased student success and satisfaction, and are beneficial for not only students, but critical to revenue. On Friday morning, we will hear from Dr. Joretta Nelson, who will share with us the Credo Team’s recommendations for how Grand View can increase students’ persistence and completion. Time for dialogue and questions will follow.

Guest Speaker: Dr. Joretta Nelson

Dr. Joretta Nelson is the vice president and owner of Credo and leads the area of student success. Joretta has been in higher education and consulting for more than 29 years. Prior to joining Credo, she served on the senior teams at Brevard College and Union College, in addition to previous positions as a faculty member at Hope International University. Joretta completed a B.A. from the University of California at Los Angeles and graduate coursework at California State University at Fullerton before earning her Ph.D. from Azusa Pacific University. Joretta’s dissertation and research revolve around student motivation and the role of psychosocial factors in improving conditions for student success.