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Families of Future Students

GV Cost Comparison Calculator

You can use this calculator to estimate your total costs before loans to attend Grand View and compare them to those at other colleges. The calculator doesn't save data, and it doesn't send the data anywhere. You can print your estimates. Use it as many times as you want by selecting the Reset button. The calculations will show you a comparison of your out-of-pocket costs before loans based on current GV tuition and fees.

Read the instructions below, then select the version of the calculator that applies to you. These calculators are based on 2016-17 costs.



You will need to estimate a variety of costs, based on choices you make, especially housing, meal plans and fees. Use the colored links in the calculator to go to web pages that will give you information you need in order to make those choices or estimates. Room & board, fees, and institutional awards have dropdown lists from which to choose. The choices are for a full year.

The calculator will also help you understand the different kinds of financial aid and how they work together to help finance your education. Financial aid is complex and individual, so estimates you make now are simply that: rough estimates.  Once you've received a financial aid award letter, you can use this calculator for comparison purposes if you choose. Parents and students may want to use this calculator together or during a conversation with your Grand View Admissions Counselor. Please call the Admissions office at 800-444-6083, extension 2810.

If you are comparing private colleges, like Grand View, to public universities and/or a community college, be aware that cost is not necessarily a good comparison. You'll want to look at many other factors to determine the value you get from the various institutions.