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GV Student Publications

The Grand Views
Read the online edition of GV's award-winning student newspaper.  Click HERE.

ALT Magazine
Enjoy the electronic edition of one of the ten best student magazines in the country, according to the Associated College Press. Click HERE.

Bifrost (pronounced Bee-Frost) is the yearly undergraduate literary journal that is published each spring.  Since 2002, the journal has been publishing the best work of artists, photographers, and writers at Grand View University.  The color magazine boasts 64 pages of art, photos, and writing.  Any current Grand View student is eligible to submit his or her work.  Two entries are accepted per category.  The magazine is funded by the Student Publication Fund.  An English major typically serves as editor each year.


For more information, please contact Dr. Paul Brooke at pbrooke@grandview.edu .

MUNINN, named after the Viking god Odinn's raven who reported the memory of human events and actions, is a journal of the Grand View History Department.  It welcomes article and book review submissions from undergraduate students, alumni, faculty and friends.  For more information, see the inside front cover of the journal itself.