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Center for Renewal


The day of one-size-fits-all programs designed to ‘fix’ congregations is long gone. Research on congregations that are experiencing renewal shows that they earnestly pursue questions about their setting, their gifts, and God’s call for them. Congregations experiencing renewal make Bible study and prayer the centerpiece of their life together. Congregations experiencing renewal have become intentional—in a variety of ways—about “turning outward” in service to the community and the world. Congregations experiencing renewal help their members engage in the ancient ‘practices’ of the Christian church—worship, hospitality, witness, stewardship, and Sabbath rest.

The journey toward renewal has to be bathed in prayer and grounded in scripture. It is a journey that has to be undertaken by the people who are directly involved in the ministry. It requires an understanding of each congregation’s gifts and setting. It is a long process of discernment, with no clear road map to show the way.

There are signposts along the way, though. While there is no surefire method that will fix our problems overnight, and while what works in one congregation probably won’t work in another, we can learn from and support one another. We can inspire one another as, together, we journey toward renewal.

The Center’s director is available to Walk Alongside six to twelve congregations per year. If your congregation is working toward renewal, or just considering what it might take, contact Pastor DuBois to discuss the possibility of having him walk with you through this daring yet highly rewarding process.