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Internships are invaluable experiences

"The internship itself has greatly improved my confidence in my ability to be a professional journalist.  The value of completing an internship is immeasurable as I am getting the chance to experience what it is like to actually perform, in a professional environment, what I will be doing in the real world. The guidance given to me by my supervisor has helped improve my comfort level in areas that I may have shied away from otherwise.  Being able to add samples of my work that have been published in professional magazines will greatly increase the value to my portfolio.  It is also a great opportunity to obtain a recommendation for employment from a company that is respected in the community, and to engage in networking opportunities that may not have been available until much later in my career. 

- Marci Clark
Internship with Big Green Umbrella Media, Inc.

"I interned with Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation, and it was a great experience. With the help of my advisor, I found this internship and was hired for fall and spring as their graphic design intern. A major part of my internship was preparing for the opening of High Trestle Trail – creating ads and fliers that were published in statewide and national magazines, as well as handed out at events such as the Iowa Bike Summit. I also worked on polishing their re-branding by making changes to some of their forms, business cards and envelopes. Being a part of a foundation doing meaningful work with an impact on Iowa nature was an amazing experience. The hands-on experience I received definitely played a role in helping me find a job now after graduation. Internships are really one of the only ways to get experience in your field outside of the classroom.

- Hallie Beeler
Internship with Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation