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Scholarship Events

You might have the opportunity to compete for additional scholarships and awards at Grand View Scholarship Days!

At the competition, you'll write an essay, be interviewed by selected Grand View staff, faculty and alumni, and have an opportunity to meet with faculty in your area of interest.

Scholarship Days are open by invitation only to qualifying, accepted students. Invited students should RSVP by calling 515-263-2810 or 800-444-6083.

2013-14 Scholarship Days are now over. Check back early next fall for 2014-15 dates.

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Scholarships & Award Criteria

All Grand View scholarships and awards are four-year renewable grants available to new full-time day students. To qualify, students must meet specific academic requirements, visit campus, apply and be accepted to Grand View. These scholarship and grant amounts are based on living in the residence halls.

Presidential Scholarship   Meet 2 of the 3 criteria:
28 ACT
Rank in the top 10% of class
3.75 GPA
(Minimum ACT of 17)

You have the opportunity to compete for three full-tuition scholarships.

Presidential scholarship competitors will be considered for invitation to participate in the Presidential Fellowship.  Inclusion in this elite group provides the student with the opportunity to develop leadership skills by:
- Meeting throughout the academic year with Grand View President Kent Henning.
- Participating in various activities and seminars, meeting with Grand View trustees, and meeting and connecting with Des Moines area community leaders.
Dean's Scholarship   Meet 2 of the 3 criteria:
24 ACT
Rank in the top 20% of class
3.5 GPA
(Minimum ACT of 17)

You have the opportunity to compete for four additional $2,500 scholarships.
  Meet 2 of 3 criteria:
21 ACT
Rank in top 50% of the class
3.0 GPA
(Minimum ACT of 17)

You have the opportunity to compete for five additional $1,500 awards.