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Meet Our Education Faculty

Dr. Linda Espey, professor of education
Welcome to the Education Department! I teach Instructional Planning and Assessment, Teaching Elementary Math, and I supervise student teaching. I also coordinate our e-portfolio effort in the Education Department - this helps us continue to improve our programs for the benefit of future teachers and students. I blend theory and application by having students think about their future classrooms.  I have two sons and two very clever beagles. See you in class!
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Dr. Lindsay Grow, assistant professor of education
Because of my interest in literacy, I teach courses like Individualized Reading and Teaching Literacy grades 3-8.  I'm also interested in technology and teach Educational Media.  I have a B.A. in elementary education from the University of Northern Iowa with endorsements in reading, English/language arts, and music.  I have experience teaching fifth grade and a M.A. in education and Ed.D., both with an emphasis in literacy, from the University of Kentucky.  I enjoy cooking with my husband and son, traveling, and playing the violin.


Sharon Brindle, assistant professor of education
Welcome to Grand View and the Education Department. I teach K-2 Literacy Methods, Elementary Classroom Management, and conduct seminars for middle and high school practicum experiences and student teaching. In addition, I am also responsible for placing students for practicum experiences and student teaching. My undergraduate degree is from Iowa State University and my graduate work is at Drake University. As a former elementary principal, middle school counselor, and classroom teacher, I enjoy working with preservice teachers. I enjoy traveling and spending time with family. I have two daughters and a very spoiled black lab dog.

Dr. Chad Timm, associate professor of education
As a former secondary social studies teacher, I teach courses like Introduction to Education, Secondary Teaching Methods, and Social Studies Methods.  My philosophy of teaching rests on a desire to take new understandings outside of the classroom and put them into practice.  I aim to teach prospective teachers to utilize the historical, philosophical, and social foundations of education as tools to develop critical contexts in which to understand the present. Understanding the various forces that have shaped American education over the course of its history can help students prepare to meet the challenges of tomorrow.  I also teach courses and coordinate the Logos Honors Program. I'm obsessed with pop culture and enjoy using us to introduce people to philosophers like Michel Foucault, Pierre Bourdieu, and Jacques Lacan. I love the jazz music of John Coltrane, and to spend time outdoors with my incredible wife and four children. I look forward to working with you on your journey to become an educator!

Dr. Robin Trimble White, professor of education
Welcome to the Grand View Education Department! I have taught education courses here for ten years, and I'm the Education Department Chair and Director of the Teacher Education Program. I also supervise student teaching and student practicums. We are all learners and teachers, and it is the role of the teacher to challenge students but students decide what they will ultimately learn. Education is a lifelong process and we learn best when we have a reason for learning. My husband and I love traveling and I love to cook - my scotcharoo cookies are a favorite across campus! Looking forward to exploring the education field with you!