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Frequently Asked Questions about Payments & Refunds

Critical Information and Timelines

Business Office Contacts

Q. As a parent or guardian, how will I know that my student has a bill that needs to be paid?
A.  Due to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), only students are provided access to their specific account information. If your student has set you up to receive a statement, you will continue to receive a statement through the mail. If you are not set up for this service, it will be up to your student to notify you that there is a bill and provide you with the appropriate information. Tuition payment is due by the end of the first week of each specific term.  For those students enrolled in accelerated coursework, all payments are due in the first week of the course. Please note that not all students receive bills every time one is produced. Only accounts that have balances generate a bill.

Q.  How can students access their statements online?
A. Students can access their Grand View Statement of Account (tuition and fees, room, meal plan, bookstore, and other miscellaneous charges) online at myView > myTools > Financial Information > Current Statement. Monthly statements will continue to be mailed to parents upon request.

Q. Is my student able to pay his/her balance online?
A. Students can make payments on their account at myView > myTools > Financial Information > Pay on My Account. These payments are immediately applied to their account. Students can  make payments on their payment plan at https://payplan.officialpayments.com. These payments will not be immediately reflected on the student’s account.

Q. As a parent or guardian, am I able to pay on my student’s account online?
A. Online payments can be made to student accounts by parents or other parties through www.GrandView.edu > Make a Payment link. The payer will need to supply the name and date of birth of the student for whom the payment is submitted. These payments will be posted to the student’s account the following business day.

Q. Have my payment options changed?
A. Effective July 23, 2012, Grand View University has partnered with Official Payments and will implement changes regarding payment options for tuition and fees. The payment process is simple and secure. These are the primary changes that will result from the new policy:

  • Students and parents will be able to make payments directly from any personal checking account (E-Check) with no additional charges by using the E-Check web payment option. Simply enter the bank/financial institution routing and account number information at the time of payment.
  • Credit/debit card payments may be made through the secure online payment in myView.  The Business Office will also accept credit/debit card payments for tuition in person or over the phone. A service fee of 2.35% of the total payment amount will be added to the credit card payment transaction.

Q. Why were these changes made?
A. While credit card payments offer a convenient manner for students and parents to pay tuition and fees, the cost to the University for providing this convenience has grown substantially. Grand View University is working to keep costs down while maintaining high quality academic programs and services. These changes allow us to reduce costs while providing a variety of payment options to meet individual needs. Grand View has contracted with Official Payments to provide these services. This change will benefit the University and students by enabling the University to allocate the savings to other critical need areas.

Q. Why is there a service fee and why am I paying for this?
A. Official Payments charges a service fee for processing the transaction. The service fee is assessed to cover operating costs and the costs associated with servicing hundreds of credit/debit card transactions. You will be informed of all fees before you authorize your payment.
Q. Who is Official Payments?
A. Official Payments is a leading provider of electronic options for higher education institutions and federal, state, and local government agencies. Official Payments processes electronic payments for more than 3,500 counties, municipalities, and higher education institutions across all 50 states. Official Payments is PCI, PCI DSS Level 1, FERPA, and GLB compliant. Official Payments’ systems pass an annual 1,000 point check that is conducted by the IRS. The information Official Payments gathers is private and will not be forwarded to anyone.
Q. What are the advantages of using Official Payments?
A. The service makes paying tuition and fees more convenient and secure in many ways:

  • Faster payment via the internet
  • Comfort of knowing your payment has been made through a trusted and secure service provider
  • Providing students with additional payment options

Q. How can I make a payment online?
A. Through myView if you have your Grand View log-in and password.  Once you are logged in select myTools, then Financial Information and click on the “Pay on My Account” link.

Q. How can I make a payment if I do not have access to myView?
A. Through the Grand View website at www.grandview.edu by clicking on the “Make a Payment” link on the home page under Quick Links and selecting the “Pay on my Student’s Account” option.  You will be required to enter the Student’s ID prior to making the payment. 

Q. Is there a fee to pay online?
A. There is no fee if you pay with E-Check. There is a fee if you pay with a debit or credit card. The fee is 2.5% of the amount being paid and is added to your credit card.

Q. What is an E-Check?
A. An E-Check is an online electronic check. Enter your checking account number and bank's routing number to transfer funds from your designated bank account to the University.

Q. What is ACH?
A. ACH is Automated Clearing House and is another term for E-Check.

Q. Do I need checks to make an E-Check payment?
A. No. You just need the routing number and bank account number for the account from which the payment will be deducted.

Q. How do I find my routing number and my account number?
A. At the bottom of each check you will find the nine digit routing number and the account number. You can also contact your bank for these numbers.





Q. Does my debit card work like an E-Check?
A. No. If you use the debit card number imprinted on the front of the card, the transaction will be treated like a credit card transaction and you will pay an additional service fee. To avoid paying the fee, use the E-Check option and pay out of the bank account associated with your debit card.

Q. What types of credit cards are accepted?
A. MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express are accepted.

Q. Can I make a credit card payment at the Grand View Business Office?
A. Yes. The Business Office accepts credit card payments over the phone or in person.

Q. Why has Grand View started charging a service fee?
A. In reviewing the costs of bank card usage, we have found that the credit/debit card fees Grand View pays have increased dramatically over the last few years.  These costs must be incorporated into the University’s budget.

Q. How will the service fee show on my credit card statement?
A. When your payment is ready to submit online, the list of charges and the calculated 2.5% service fee will be itemized.  The payment charge and the service fee charge will appear separately on your card statement.
Q. Is Grand View the only university charging a service fee on credit card payments?
A. No. The changes in our credit card payment structure are similar to those that have been adopted by many universities and colleges across the country: offering online credit card payments through a third party processor, who assesses a service fee to the payer.

Q. What happens if I get a refund?
A. If you qualify for a refund on any part of your credit card payment, the refund will be applied back onto your credit card.  As a reminder, the service fee that was applicable to that amount is nonrefundable.

Q. How can I pay from overseas?
A. Grand View’s electronic payment processing partner, Official Payments, accepts internationally-based MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express cards from customers living overseas.

Q. How secure is my online payment?
A. Official Payments’ website adheres to payment card and banking industry standards. E-Checks comply with NACHA standards. Official Payments secures your personal information entered into their website through Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) 128-bit encryption, which creates a protected connection between users and the web server. This means your card number and personal data are never sent over the Internet unencrypted. Official Payments uses the best encryption technology available. Card information is not passed to Grand View and payment data is passed using hardware encryption. Official Payments partners with DigiCert to ensure the highest level of security.

Q. Are there public computers and Web kiosks located on campus?
A. There are several computers on campus available for students to access information or to make payments. They are located at the student center, library, computer labs, and in the hallway of the Humphrey Center outside the Registrar’s Office.       
Q. What happens if my credit card is declined?
A. If your card is declined, try entering your payment information again or try using an E-Check or another credit card. If your card is declined after several attempts, contact your issuing bank for additional information.

Q. What happens if my E-Check is returned?
A. If any payment that you make is returned or refused by your bank for any reason, you will be charged a $25 Returned Payment Fee for each returned or refused payment.

Q. What happens if I am late on my payment plan?
A. If your payment is more than 15 days late, you will be charged a late payment fee of $20 by Official Payments, your student account will be coded with a status of late, and you will incur a 1.5% late fee on the outstanding balance if the payment is not made by the end of the month.

Q. Will I receive a confirmation of my electronic payment?
A. Yes. You will be provided a confirmation number at the end of the transaction. This confirmation number and your credit card or bank statement will provide confirmation of your payment. If you pay via the Internet, you will be issued an onscreen digital receipt, which can be printed as your record of confirmation and transaction. Additionally, if you provide an e-mail address, you will receive an e-mail verification of your online payment.