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High School Art Competition 2013-14

The 2013-2014 High School Art Competition is now closed and the "Best of Show" has been awarded!

Kelli Meyer, of Strawberry Point, IA, has been awarded the “Best of Show” in Grand View’s High School Art Competition for 2013-14.  As the competition winner, she receives a $5,000 annually renewable scholarship to major in Art & Design at Grand View.

In its third year, the High School Art Competition draws hundreds of entries from all over the U.S. every  month from October through February.  Each month one winner and two honorable mentions are chosen; the monthly winners then compete for Best of Show.   This year the monthly winners, in addition to Kelli, were from Oak Park, CA; San Ramon, CA; Columbia, MO; and St. Paul, MN. Kelli's November entry was named the winner and qualified her for the "Best of Show" competition.

As she prepares to enter Grand View this coming fall, Kelli was asked her reaction to winning the competition.  “Amazed, overjoyed, ecstatic, thankful. These are just a few of the emotions I felt when I received the call awarding me Best of Show.  I am beyond grateful to have received this honor.  Before receiving this scholarship, I was unsure whether it was a good idea to seek an art major.  Winning this competition has given me the confidence to continue pursuing a degree in Graphic Design or Studio Arts.  Thanks to this opportunity, I can now afford the amazing education I know Grand View will provide.  Not only will this scholarship help me further my education, but it will also benefit every other aspect of my future.  I would just like to thank Grand View and the art department for this outstanding opportunity.”

Congratulations, Kelli!

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Official Entry Form

All entries MUST be submitted on this official online form: HERE.

Monthly Theme Tips

The 2013-14 competition is now closed.

For Teachers

The competition can be used for class assignments.  An opportunity for feedback, recognition and a prize can really energize your students about art!


Learn more about Grand View Art & Design. Order a printed copy of our Art & Design Viewbook HERE.


If the winning student entry for the month was submitted as part of a class assignment, the winner's school will receive a donation to the school's art program, up to a value of $300.  We'll work with the winning school to determine the supplies, software, etc. that would best give the art program a boost!

To enter the contest as a class assignment, please email Mary Jones, Professor of Art & Design, of your intentions, providing your name and the name/location of your school.  Then ask your students to submit their entries using the official entry form HERE

If you have questions about the assignments, please contact Mary Jones, Professor of Art & Design, at mjones@grandview.edu

Contest Rules

Competition Requirements
Entrants must currently be enrolled in high school. All work must be entirely original and copyright free.  All work must be submitted using the official entry form. Decisions on winning entries will be made by professional art and design faculty at Grand View and are final.  Winning entries will be posted on this website.  By entering the contest, the student gives Grand View permission to use the entry in marketing materials.  The Best of Show scholarship winner must apply to Grand View, meet all criteria for admission, be admitted, and enroll at the University.  No monetary award will be made in lieu of the scholarship.

Competition judged monthly by Grand View Art & Design faculty. Monthly winners will be notified via email a week after the deadline. In March, one Best of Show will be selected from all entries, and the student will be awarded a $5,000 scholarship to major in Art & Design at Grand View.