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Financial Empowerment Plan

If your student will be a GV freshman in the fall of 2014 and you are interested in the FEP pilot, please click the image.

If you’re like most parents/guardians of a student looking at colleges, you may feel a certain amount of anxiety and confusion about financial aid and the whole process of financing a college degree.  All the media coverage of student debt probably has amplified your concerns.

As the parents or family of a prospective Grand View student, you may want to know about Grand View’s new Financial Empowerment Plan (FEP).  This plan, which we will be piloting in 2014-15, is designed to assist you in financing your student’s entire four-year degree at Grand View at a level that improves affordability and makes expenses more predictable and manageable.

The heart of the Financial Empowerment Plan is a personalized degree-financing plan that is prepared specifically for your student and family.  As a result of those planning sessions, you and your student will understand the various forms of financial aid … and come away with a recommended level of loans over all four years that is specific to your student’s intended career. Your personal plan will also calculate a monthly payment for all four years your student is in school, as well as a projected monthly loan payment for ten years after graduation.

Students in the Financial Empowerment Plan are asked to make certain commitments that are designed to assist with four-year graduation. As your student progresses at Grand View, there will be opportunities for personal financial assistance and counseling to help your student stay on track with his or her financial plan – and stay on track to graduate in four years.  There’s not much doubt that your student will graduate with a pretty good foundation for budgeting and financial planning!

Another attractive aspect of the plan is that increases of rates for annual tuition and campus-based room and board are held to 2% or less for participants.  As you know, college costs do rise, just like costs of most other products and services, and have historically been within the range of 4 – 6% per year.  Grand View is already among the most affordable private universities in the Midwest; in fact, many students find that the cost of Grand View is comparable to a state university. After grants and scholarships, seventy-five percent of 2013 full-time, residential GV freshmen paid tuition, fees, and room & board that were comparable to or less than the published in-state prices at Iowa’s public universities.  The tuition guarantee in the FEP is an integral part of a plan that seeks to make your student’s GV education even more affordable.

We are seeking students and families who would like to participate in a pilot of the FEP, beginning in the fall of 2014.  All incoming first-year students are eligible to apply for the FEP. There’s much more to know about this innovative program, so if you’re interested in learning more, please fill out the form by clicking the image above  We will welcome your feedback as part of the pilot.


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Prior to your FEP coaching session...

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