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Outside Sources of Aid

Types of Financial Aid

There are a number of outside scholarships available to students. Outside scholarships are usually awarded by corporations, civic groups and/or educational groups. You may contact businesses and organizations within your community for possible scholarship funds. In addition you may conduct a scholarship search over the Internet. Check out the following database websites for free national scholarship searches:

EXPAN Scholarship Search

Fast WEB

Hispanic College Fund Scholarships

Any financial assistance that you may receive from sources not listed on your aid award, such as a scholarship from a local or private organization, vocational rehabilitation benefits, employer tuition support, etc., must be reported to the Financial Aid Office. When notifying us of an outside award, please list the name of the award or donor, the amount of the award, if the award is for one semester or the full academic year, and whether or not the award is renewable. Financial assistance awarded through Grand View in response to your financial need is subject to change if upon receipt of other aid, your total aid exceeds your demonstrated financial need and/or direct costs. We will attempt to adjust your award in the manner that is most favorable to you while maintaining compliance with federal and state regulations. In no case should your total gift assistance be less than the amount of gift assistance originally awarded. Outside scholarships will be credited to your college bill when the funds are received. 

Employer Tuition Reimbursement
If your employer offers tuition reimbursement benefits, Grand View offers a deferred tuition plan that lets you take classes and delay the billing until the class is over.  There is a 25.00 fee to set this up per semester unless your employer sends Grand View the payment directly.  To qualify you and your employer must fill out the Employer Reimbursement form and email it to studentaccounts@grandview.edu or fax it to the Business Office at 515-263-6189.