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College for Professional and Adult Learning Student Spotlight

Luke Matthaidess '15  
Major: Business Administration-Finance

"Grand View courses for adult learners are set up for working adults in a way that makes it overwhelmingly delightful. I am a GV alum from 2000, and the smaller class sizes and the fact that professors take a personal interest in you are very appealing. And being able to apply what I have learned in my career is one of my greatest accomplishments. I did not appreciate college until now and that is a wonderful feeling. My employer has witnessed the change in me, which is leading to more opportunities and allowing me to find my calling and to pursue happiness in and out of my professional life. My wife is very supportive and has seen a change in my overall attitude about school and continued learning."



Sukanya Henry '14
Major: MGNE.BA

"My Grand View experience was wonderful and challenging. GV offered classes in an accelerated format that allowed me to work fulltime while I completed my degree. My favorite thing about the program is the small class sizes. I had so many opportunities to ask questions and engage the professors. Grand View prepared me with a strong academic foundation for career success, and has changed me for the better. I am more confident in my abilities and more social."





Talisa Miller '16
Major: Business Administration, concentration in Human Resource Management

"My experience at Grand View has been a road of enrichment.  The atmosphere, staff, and curriculum at Grand View have given me the confidence to pursue to my life goals. The campus location played a major role in my decision to attend Grand View; however, when I met the staff and toured the campus, I felt welcome and comfortable.  At that point, I knew Grand View was the best option for me. Probably the best thing about the program is the flexibility of the professors; they have been great to work with and understand the life of a non-traditional student. I wasn’t sure if I was on the right career path until I came to here.  Because of Grand View, I figured out who I was as person (my strengths/weaknesses) and found my career calling.  In particular, the Core Seminar III course was influential in my personal development and the reason why I was, recently, promoted on my job!"


Michael Mack '14
Major: Business Administration - Finance

Grand View provided an enriching program that was challenging, rewarding and delivered by a talented group of professors and adjuncts that truly cared and wanted you to succeed. When comparing the Grand View adult program to other college programs aimed toward adult students, the GV program offered more, especially with the convenience of classes at two locations and evenings.  Several other college programs I looked at were going to take far longer to complete.  The fast-paced eight-week classes was my favorite thing about the program. Being able to complete a class in a short amount of time was both a challenge and a reward. I also found that the mixture of traditional college professors and adjuncts who had real world experience in the area they taught made for a more well-rounded  experience. With the support of my wife, I was able to reach a personal goal and realize that going back to college is do-able at any age.  I have also been able to make some great connections with classmates and professors that will certainly continue well beyond the classroom walls.


Heather Hays '13
Major: Liberal Arts minors in Psychology & Sociology

My experiences at Grand View led me on a journey of self-fulfillment. I gained knowledge and confidence which enables me to think critically and succeed in conquering the challenges I come up against. I chose GV because of its stellar academic reputation, and its location in the heart of Des Moines allowed me to balance college and career. I enjoyed the small class size and the on-on-one interaction between students and professors. My GV education has given me the skill set and self-confidence necessary to reach my career and life goals.



Marvin L. Dixon ‘15
Business Administration – Human Resource

My time at Grand View has gone exceptional well.  It’s everything I expected in a private university, especially with the class size.  One of the main factors that drew me to attend Grand View was their College for Professional and Adult Learning (CPAL) program, which is very accommodating to a non-traditional student.  I’m very impressed with the level of knowledge that the professor and lecturer are teaching and sharing with the students.  I’m looking forward to the challenges, personal and professional development, that I’m experiencing at such a wonderful institution.


Chris Beeman '16
Major: Accounting

My academic advisor is engaged and committed in helping me succeed. The quality of education is exceptional and the faculty are engaged and focused on my academic success. The CPAL program and Grand View’s reputation really intrigued me and eventually brought me to the university. I think the best thing about the program is the quality of education I am receiving. My experience at Grand View has expanded my knowledge and confidence within the accounting field. In addition, it has helped me realize that there endless opportunities to pursue. My ability to communicate (orally and written) has also expanded and improved.


Kim Bruce '16
Major: Business Administration: Finance/management

It’s been a great experience getting back to school as an older adult. I like the small evening classes where you can interact more openly with fellow students and educators. Learning in that kind of environment has enriched my experience. My daughter is a student at Grand View and she encouraged me to get started.  After meeting with an advisor and learning how a degree could fit into my schedule, Grand View seemed like a good fit. The classes for my degree are all available at the Johnston location which simplified my decision. The flexibility, hours, smaller class sizes and great professors are an added benefit. I’m still “transforming.”  Doing it backwards…working in a successful career and then going back to school has inspired me to reconsider what I want for the second half of my life. Money isn’t the motivator that it was when I was young and just starting out. Personal satisfaction, filling my mind with unexpected bits of treasure, meeting people with vastly different life experiences than I have…those will be the things that transform me.

Laura Dickson, '14
Major: Political Science/Public Administration
My experience at Grand View was challenging and rewarding rolled into one great experience! It was close to my home and I liked the small, quaint campus and smaller class-size. The flexibility of class schedules, courses were interesting, faculty was great to work with and it did not take long to obtain my Bachelor’s degree! Nothing has changed with my career at this point – but I am anticipating great opportunities coming my way someday.  Never mind, when you consider the fact that I come from a very large family, and only a handful has a higher ed degree – I feel it is a great accomplishment.