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Graduate Students

Post-Graduate Nursing Certificates

Grand View offers CNL and Nurse Educator curricula in the form of post-master's certificates.

Admissions Process

  • Access the application HERE. Be sure to indicate the certificate for which you want to apply – Clinical Nurse Leader or Nursing Education.
  • Submit your application and send MSN/DNP official transcript to the Admissions office.

Graduate nursing faculty will complete an evaluation and make recommendations regarding transfer of courses/credit.

Admission Criteria

  • Valid registered nurse license in state where clinical experiences are performed
  • GPA ≥ 3.0 in MSN or DNP Degree (from an NLN or CCNE accredited program in nursing)
  • Complete online application
  • Spring or fall admission

Graduates of the Post-Master’s Nurse Educator’s Certificate are prepared to:

  • Effect change through advocacy for the profession, interprofessional health care team, and the client/learner.
  • Communicate effectively to achieve quality client/learner outcomes.
  • Actively pursue new knowledge and skills as the educator role, needs of clients/learners, and the health care system evolve.
  • Properly delegate and utilize the educational resources (human and fiscal) and serve and serve as a leader and partner in the educational team and interprofessional health care team.
  • Understand clinical and cost outcomes that improve safety, effectiveness, timeliness, efficiency, quality and the degree to which they are client/learner centered.
  • Understand how to utilize information systems and technology at the point of care to improve health care outcomes.
  • Participate in systems review to critically evaluate and anticipate risks to client safety to improve quality of client care delivery.
  • Assume accountability for learning outcomes for a specific group of clients/learners within a setting while being sensitive to the multiple influences on the delivery system.
  • Synthesize and apply research-based information to design, implement, and evaluate client and care environment outcomes.
  • Use appropriate teaching/learning principles, strategies, and standards, as well as current information, materials, and technologies to facilitate the learning of clients, groups, and other health care professionals.
  • Requirements
  • Gainful Employment Disclosure

Following completion of the NE certificate program, students may be eligible to sit for the NE Certification Examination.

Graduates of the Post-Master’s Clinical Nurse Leader Certificate are prepared to:

  • Provide clinical leadership for patient-care practices and delivery, including the design, coordination, and evaluation of care for individuals, families, groups, and populations.
  • Participate in identification and collection of care outcomes.
  • Evaluate and improve point-of-care outcomes, including the synthesis of data and other evidence to evaluate and achieve optimal outcomes.
  • Initiate risk anticipation for individuals and cohorts of patients.
  • Perform lateral integration of care for individuals and cohorts of patients.
  • Design and implement evidence-based practice(s).
  • Provide team leadership, management and collaboration with other health professional team members.
  • Information management or the use of information systems and technologies to improve healthcare outcomes.
  • Stewardship and leveraging of human, environmental, and material resources; and,
  • Advocacy for patients, communities, and the health professional team.
  • Requirements
  • Gainful Employment Disclosure

Following completion of the CNL certificate program, students are eligible to sit for the CNL Certification Examination.