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Faculty Services

Class Instruction
The library staff provide freshman orientations or instruction in research techniques for specific areas. Each session is designed for that specific class level and subject area. Classes may be scheduled by contacting  Cara Stone at 263-2878.

Research Assistance
Subject bibliographies for your personal or research needs will be compiled by a member of our reference department upon request. Please feel free to telephone them at 515-263-2949 or email them at library@grandview.edu . Faculty may also submit these bibliographies to the library staff and they will photocopy materials the library owns and obtain the rest through Interlibrary Loan free of charge. All requests, except book, will be sent through campus mail or email dependent upon its original format. 

Interlibrary Loan
Faculty may initiate an interlibrary loan (ILL) in a number of ways. Many of our electronic databases have an internal ILL function. In addition, an electronic bibliography can be compiled in one of our databases and then the email function may be used send it to the library at library@grandview.edu. You may fill out an online Interlibrary Loan form.

Materials to be placed on reserve can be sent to the library through campus mail. To do so, please print off, and include the attached document labeled Reserve Materials Work Order. For any questions, contact Sheri Roberts at 263-2877.

Materials Request
Faculty may request that books, serials, or AV materials be purchased for the library's permanent collection. To place such a request, please contact Pam Rees, director, at 515-263-6098.

Journals Routing
Faculty members are able and encouraged to have the current issue of any of the library's print subscriptions sent to them for viewing on a regular basis. Please contact Brad Gilbert at 515-263-2936 to explore this service. It is also possible to have the current table of contents of many of the library's electronic journals sent via email.

Division Liaisons

The Division Liaison is the point person for communication between the library and each of the academic departments. They are responsible for maintaining the overall balance of the materials collections in their subject areas. They may be used to funnel individual materials requests to the library. They are also available for individual faculty research counseling. The Liaisons are assigned as follows:

Pam Rees
Director of the Library
Liaison responsibilities: Acct/BASD/Econ., Kinesiology, Math/Computer Science, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology/Social Work 

Sheri Muller
Access Services Librarian and Archivist
Liaison responsibilities: Communications, English, History, Liberal Arts, Modern Languages,

Annah Hackett
Campus Engagement and Instruction Librarian
Liaison responsibilities: Biology, Chemistry/Physical Science, Nursing,

Cara Stone
Coordinator of Information Literacy Instruction and User Experience Librarian
Liaison responsibilities: Art, Education, Music, Speech and Theatre, Theology and Philosophy