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Career Center

Internship Planning through the Career Center

Your internship is likely to be an important component of your Grand View education. Not only do internships give you the practical, real-world experience employers want, they also often lead to full-time jobs after graduation.

For a list of Faculty Internship Coordinators click HERE.
Since an internship is an academic program at Grand View, the faculty in your department have established the eligibility requirements for student participation. To learn the internship eligibility requirements for your academic department, check with your advisor or the department's faculty internship coordinator.

Setting Goals
One way to define a successful internship is that the experience provided a stepping-stone to reaching career, personal and academic goals. To begin the planning for an internship, we suggest that you spend time considering your long-term goals and how they may be achieved with your internship. Think about the specific tasks and activities you want to experience and how these experiences will develop or enhance your skills and knowledge.

Preparation For Success
Many internship employers require a formal application from interested student interns. If you need to develop a resume and letter of application, The Career Center offers handouts, workshops and individual appointments to help you prepare a competitive resume and letter of application.

Additional application materials may be requested by an employer: transcripts, writing samples, clippings, tapes and portfolio.

Expect to be called for an interview. Be prepared for the interview by:

    1. Researching an employer's products or services,
    2. Practicing your responses to interview questions, and
    3. Developing your own list of questions to ask the interviewer.

The Career Center has handouts on interviewing and interview questions.

A small number of employers have scheduled interviews for interns through The Career Center and the Iowa College Recruiting Network (ICoRN). Check the calendar of events on this website to see who is interviewing on campus. You can also view employers that participate in the ICoRN Interview Days at www.recruitiowagrads.com.  Registration and resumes are required for the ICoRN interviews through the ICoRN website.

Academic Credit
Each department has its own process, forms and standards for registering and earning academic credit. The faculty internship coordinator in your department will help you with the planning and registration process. The coordinator will also provide the necessary guidelines and forms to complete your internship.

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