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Career Center

Internship Resources

To be successful in the search for the "ideal" internship, explore the many resources available to you within Grand View, on the internet and through your own networks.

Check out the opportunities the Faculty Internship Coordinator in your department may have. Also, visit with your academic advisor and your favorite professor.

Internship Listings
The Career Center uses myView to list all internship opportunities for students.  Login and password required.

Employer Web sites
Many internship opportunities can only be found on an employer's Web site. You may want to develop your own list of favorite employers or visit The Career Center's Employer Links.

Work-Study Community Service
Qualified students awarded Federal Work-Study program funds by the Financial Aid Office may work off campus in a non-profit organization. Community service work-study opportunities can be viewed on myView under Bud's List/jobs.

The Part-Timer
Find a NEW "Part-time Job" related to your career goals and it MAY qualify as an internship experience. Check with your department's Faculty Internship Coordinator.

Talk with family and friends about your internship plans. Ask for advice, names of organizations and people to contact.

Special Events
Attend a Career Fair event and interview employers about their organizations and opportunities. Current events are listed on this Web site in the Events Calendar.

Interview Days
A number of employers may schedule an interview day with The Iowa College Recruiting Network. Registration is required for ICoRN interviews. Contact The Career Center staff for more information.