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Multicultural Programs

Grand View provides a learning and working environment that promotes and values diversity through respectful dialogue and enriching opportunities, leading to a vibrant community whose members are strengthened by their unique combination of backgrounds, perspectives, and life experiences.

Actualizing our Mission:

  • We provide opportunities for meaningful interaction and respectful dialogue so that our investigation of the world of ideas and pursuit of knowledge and truth is enriched by understanding the multiple perspectives of our community members.
  • We challenge and support each other to understand how various backgrounds, experiences, and orientations affect our view of the
  • We become more sensitive and appreciative of differences.
  • We encourage our community of learners to explore the diverse experiences available on our campus and beyond.
  • We treat all members of our community with mutual respect, acceptance, and kindness, leading to positive relationships among its members.

Inquiries about programs and activities may be directed to Alex Piedras, director of multicultural and community outreach, at 515-263-6017 or apiedras@grandview.edu.