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Academics & the Arts

Disability Services

Grand View is committed to enriching the academic experience of every qualified student and endorses reasonable accommodations for participation in all programs and activities. Students with disabilities should schedule an appointment in the Academic Enrichment Center to:

• review University policies and procedures
• request accommodations
• develop an accommodation plan
• discuss personal advocacy issues
• assess learning difficulties and needs

Transitioning Accommodations from High School to College:
If you have been receiving accommodations in high school and would like to continue using them at the college level you will need to complete the Support for Accommodation Request form (SAR) to determine which accommodations may continue. This should be completed by a school professional that knows you and has access to your accommodation records. If you have any questions about completing this form, schedule a meeting with the Director of Disability Services:

Joy Brandt
Director of Disability Services
Student Center, Student Life and Success, Room 127