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Center for Renewal

About Us

The mission of the Center for Renewal is to renew the saints and the church so that the light of Christ can be more brightly reflected in the world.

The Center began in 2005 out of the shared vision of the president of Grand View and the bishop of the Southeastern Iowa Synod. Bishop Hougen was aware of the lack of in-depth knowledge of both the Bible and of Lutheran theology among the members of congregations, and of the need to foster and support renewal in congregations. President Henning, aware of the University's academic resources and facilities that could be applied to renewal, committed to this partnership with the synod, offering a setting and staff to foster education, dialog, and support for individuals and congregations who wish to pursue renewal.

In October 2006, Pastor Dwight DuBois became the first director of the Center. He brings passion, education and expertise in shaping a vision so that the church can be renewed in its call to go into the world with the message of God’s remarkable love. He focuses the renewal of the church on three core tasks: rediscovering the ability to discern, proclaim and participate in God's redemptive mission in the world. He believes that the best means by which the church will be renewed lies in allowing room for the Spirit to work and attending to these core tasks.

To begin this journey toward renewal, the Center for Renewal promotes discussion,  offers events and provides services designed to foster and support renewal in the congregations and their members.