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Experience the Viking EDGE!

At Grand View, your first two years will be dynamic and full of positive experiences as you engage with the Grand View community. You’ll maximize your opportunities … strengthen your integrity … develop relationships. And you’ll discover what makes you come alive.

What is Viking EDGE? It’s not a “program” but more a way of thinking, living and interacting in ways that connect you to the campus community, the broader community, and to your life ahead. It’s a web of people, services and opportunities that, working together, define a unique college experience.

It’s …
Engaging in community. You’ll get connected right from the start, with faculty, staff and fellow students. Your personal growth and well-being matter to the whole campus community, and you’ll be encouraged to support others in their growth. That’s what community is all about.

Discerning your life purpose. We call it vocation, a “calling” that will help guide you through your college experiences and beyond, as you decide on a major and craft an educational plan. We’ll help you get in touch with what really matters to you, with what makes you come alive.

Growing in leadership. You’ll have unique opportunities to develop and demonstrate your leadership skills, experience, and abilities. You’ll be able to describe how you developed as a leader .. how you made a difference through leadership at Grand View … and how your skills can benefit the community and the workplace.

Educating with integrity. We appreciate and respect the dignity and worth of each individual, honoring and promoting a community of open interaction, personal integrity, active intellectual engagement, and academic honesty among students, faculty and staff.

That’s the EDGE. Engaging … Discerning … Growing … Educating. Not just for the next few years, but for a lifetime.