Visual & Performing Arts Majors


Photography is a concentration within the Mass Communication major. In addition to your basic courses, you'll take a series of Creative Photo classes. Topics change from class to class, but normally approach photography from a creative or expressive point of view rather than from a practical point of view. Some examples of class titles are: Close-up; High Contrast; Multiple Images; Point of View; and Photo Montage. Other photo classes offered might be Documentary or Studio Photography.

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Courses and Requirements

Prerequisite courses:

  • Mass Communication
  • Beginning Desktop Publishing

Required courses:

  • Digital Video and Audio
  • Broadcast Production
  • Basic Digital Photography
  • Reporting
  • Radio Station Operation
  • Sports and Media
  • TV in Society
  • Feature Writing OR Advanced Reporting
  • Public Relations Principles
  • Internship OR upper division elective
  • Communication Law
  • Multimedia for the Web
  • Communication Career Seminar
  • Communication for the Web

4 hours of Communication Lab from:

  • Photography Lab OR
  • Journalism Lab/Reporting OR
  • Advanced Desktop Projects OR
  • Advanced Broadcast Production OR
  • Advanced Photography Lab OR
  • Advanced Journalism Lab

Any second photography elective:  

  • Basic Color Photography OR
  • Photography for Publication OR
  • Studio Photography

Photography Concentration:

  • Basic Color Photography 
  • Photography for Publication 
  • Studio Photography 

6 Hours of Creative Photo

2 Additional Lab Hours:

  • Photography Lab OR 
  • Journalism Lab/Reporting OR 
  • Advanced Photography Laboratory OR
  • Advanced Journalism Laboratory 

For detailed course descriptions, please go to the current catalog HERE.

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