Communication Majors

Multimedia Communication

This major allows you to explore your creativity in a variety of areas, including journalism, broadcast, public relations  and advertising.  You will choose one of two concentrations: Sports Media or Corporate Communication.  Both concentrations have an underpinning in social media and include complementary business courses to give you both the breadth and depth to work in and promote to corporate environments.

Sports Media:  In addition to mastering the basic communication skills of reporting, newscasts, sportscasts, public relations, advertising and publication design, you’ll explore media coverage of professional and collegiate athletics, learn how to produce and direct sports video and radio, become adept at writing sports features , and know sports law and marketing. 

Corporate Communication:  In addition to mastering the basic skills of reporting, newscasts, public relations, advertising and publication design, you’ll learn the fundamentals of management and marketing, how to write and edit newsletters, and how to design for the web in a commercial environment.

Both concentrations provides excellent training and preparation for a communication career in a variety of organizations. 

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Courses and Requirements

Departmental Courses in the Core:

  • Multimedia Storytelling 

Prerequisite Courses:

  • Mass Communication
  • Basic Photo

Departmental Courses Required of All Majors:

  • Digital Video & Audio
  • Voice Delivery and Performance
  • Multimedia Storytelling
  • Journalism Lab
  • Communication for the Web
  • Advanced Broadcast Production or Advanced Journalism Lab
  • Internship
  • Communication Law
  • Multimedia Career Seminar

4 hours of Communication Lab from:

  • Photography Lab OR
  • Journalism Lab/Reporting OR
  • Advanced Desktop Projects OR
  • Advanced Broadcast Production OR
  • Advanced Photography Laboratory OR
  • Advanced Journalism Lab

And the Following:

  • Basic Digital Photography
  • Reporting
  • Radio Station Operation
  • Sports and Media
  • TV in Society
  • Feature Writing OR
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Public Relations Principles
  • Internship OR
  • Upper division elective
  • Communication Law
  • Multimedia for the Web
  • Communication Career Seminar

With concentrations:

Comm Core

  • Repoprting
  • Radio Station Operation
  • Publication Design
  • Public Relations Principles
  • Media Advertising
  • Electronic Field Production

Sports Media Concentration 9 additional credits from:

  • Sports and Media
  • Video Producing and Directing
  • Radio Production and Announcing
  • Feature Writing
  • Sports Law
  • Sports Marketing

Corporate Communication Concentration 9 additional credits from:

  • Video Producing and Directing
  • Newsletter and Copy Editing
  • PR Campaigns
  • Principles of Management
  • Marketing
  • Web Design and Development for e-commerce

 For detailed course descriptions, please go to the current catalog HERE.


Des Moines is a hub of publication activity, and communication students have the opportunity to meet with professionals in all areas of the media. Internships have connected Grand View with companies and corporations such as:

• WHO-TV 13
• KGGO Radio
• WHO Radio
• WOI-TV 5
• The Des Moines Register
• Cityview
• Iowa Methodist Medical Center
• Iowa Lottery
• Department of Natural Resources
• FOX 17
• Greater Des Moines Leadership Institute
• American Media Incorporated


Join The Communication Club and get involved!  Grand View University's Communication Club allows all students to experience the world of communications through guest speakers, tours of broadcast stations, and student-produced programming. The Communication Club also gives students the opportunity to attend national conventions and take trips to major media markets.

Sponsor: Ms. Becky McDonnell
Cowles, Room 101

You will also have the opportunity to be involved in Grand View Radio and GVTV as well.