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Communication Majors

Journalism and Public Relations

This major provides writing, editing, and layout experience from beginning to advanced levels, as well as exposure to public relations theory and concepts, including crisis management, media relations, event planning, corporate communication, employee relations, and public relations campaign planning and execution.  You'll prepare for careers in newspapers, in-house publications, or a variety of careers in public relations practices and problem solving for government, corporate, agency and nonprofit organizations.

You’ll develop strong skills in writing, speaking, presentation and use of traditional and social media. You’ll work with real-world clients to research, prepare, and present a campaign that addresses challenges, enhances strengths, and provides new opportunities and strategies specific to the client. You can gain hands-on experience by joining the staff of The Grand Views, our student-run magazine, or Viewfinder.com, our digital media platform.

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Courses and Requirements

Prerequisites for the Major:

  • Mass Communication
  • Basic Digital Photography

Departmental Courses Required of All Majors:

Communication Core

  • Digital Video & Audio
  • Voice Delivery and Performance
  • Multimedia Storytelling
  • Journalism Laboratory
  • Digital Publishing
  • Advanced Broadcast Production OR Advanced Journalism Lab
  • Internship
  • Communication Law and Ethics
  • Multimedia Career Seminar

Journalism and PR Courses

  • Reporting
  • Publication Design Essentials
  • Feature Writing
  • Public Relations Principles
  • Advanced Reporting OR Public Relations Campaigns
  • Publication Editing

And 9 additional credit hours from:

  • Radio Station Operation
  • Sports and Media
  • Media Advertising
  • Electronic Field Production
  • Honors Magazine I
  • Honors Magazine II

For detailed course descriptions, please go to the catalog HERE.

Career Options

Grand View graduates excel in many areas of the journalism industry. Some of their positions include:

• Graphic Designer, Cityview
• Reporter, The Des Moines Register
• Photographer, The Des Moines Register
• Public Relations, Strategic America
• News Editor, Cedar Rapids Gazette


Because Grand View is located in Des Moines, the heart of Iowa's media operations, students have frequent contact with professionals in the industry. All communication majors are urged to complete an internship either on or off campus. Past internships connecting Grand View with the Des Moines community include:

• The Des Moines Register
• County and city governments
• Iowa Methodist Medical Center
• Iowa Cubs Association

Beginning their freshman year, students may work on the weekly newspaper, The Grand Views, which is completely student produced. Student internships on The Grand Views provide important experiences in writing, editing, layout, and managing a newspaper. Students learn the basic principles of photography as well. Basic Photography gives immediate access to the computer lab and studio, and students are encouraged to submit photographs for campus publications to develop a professional portfolio. Newsletter projects are another way in which theory and hands-on experience are combined.


Join The Communication Club and get involved!  Grand View University's Communication Club allows all students to experience the world of communications through guest speakers, tours of broadcast stations, and student-produced programming. The Communication Club also gives students the opportunity to attend national conventions and take trips to major media markets.

Sponsor: Ms. Becky McDonnell
Cowles, Room 101

You will also have the opportunity to be involved in Grand View Radio and GVTV as well.

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