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Friendship Ventures
10509 108th ST NW
Annandale , MN  55302

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Winter Camp Counselor
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Health & Human Services
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$200/week plus room and board
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Winter Camp Counselor Job Requirements: The Winter Camp Counselor should be a high school graduate, preferably in college. A successful CIT or volunteer experience Friendship Ventures may be an acceptable substitute for age requirement. Must be physically and emotionally strong, mentally alert, creative, and flexible. Must have the ability to lift at least 40 lbs. and work well with others. Must enjoying spending time outside in winter conditions. Responsible to: Program Manager, Program Director Responsibilities: 1. Responsible for the health, personal care needs, safety and general welfare of all individuals who are assigned to their cabin. Assist individuals with physical disabilities or other limitations who need support with eating meals, walking, transferring, using the bathroom, etc. 2. Responsible to assist in planning and implementing daily activities with Program Staff and co workers to meet the needs and interests of the cabin group. Be active in all camp activities with encouragement and positive reinforcement. 3. Responsible to the health care and administrative staff for notification of sickness/injury, or change in participant behavior and to assist with treatments needed by participant. 4. Make sure all participants’ belongings are properly checked in upon arrival and all items are present and accounted for when leaving. Assist them in caring for personal belongings; see that soiled items are laundered and that a clean outfit is available for going home. 5. Responsible for the completion of a physical assessment of each participant within 24 hours of arrival and the continuous monitoring of the individual thereafter. 6. Responsible for writing an experience report on cabin and other report, logs, and forms as necessary; assist in writing postcards, and making buttons. 7. Responsible for periodically serving as "Cabin Duty" person in assigned cabin (during rest hour and in evening after bedtime). 8. Responsible at all times for the appearance and cleanliness of cabin. 9. Attends Planning Meetings and communicates information discussed at meeting with cabin co-workers. 10. Write self evaluations to be discussed and then filed. Personal evaluations are given by Village Leader upon completion of self-evaluations. 11. Provide information for written evaluations of volunteers assigned to cabin. Counselors are required to model an appropriate example for volunteers. 12. Participate in the planning and implementation of evening programs; such as skits, sing a longs, talent shows, etc. for all camp and village programs. 13. To perform any miscellaneous duties requested by the administrative staff. Winter Camp Activities include but are not limited to: Broomball, snowshoeing, sledding, cross country skiing, music, arts and crafts, rock wall climbing, game room, camp fire, day trips, swimming, recreation, dancing and more. Dates: Dec 26-31 and/or Jan 3-8
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