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Grand View Alumni Graduate from Des Moines University


On May 25, 2013, Des Moines University conferred 486 degrees in osteopathic medicine, podiatric medicine, physical therapy, physician assistant studies, public health, health care administration, anatomy, and biomedical sciences. 

The following Grand View alumni received their degrees:

Electra Disbrow (Disbrow-Shaver) Health Care Administration
Michelle Finley    Health Care Administration
Brenda McGraw   Health Care Administration
Azra Sikiric    Health Care Administration
Katrina Bowers    Osteopathic Medicine
Semira Ramic (Cocic)   Osteopathic Medicine
Jenna Ridlen (Wilcox)   Osteopathic Medicine
Kate Fuller    Physician Assistant
Zach Hollingsworth   Physician Assistant
Annette Bartel    Podiatric Medicine
Patrick Kasper    Public Health
Stacey Long    Public Health