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Access the Championship Football Game


Football Championship Game Access

Game Time: Saturday, December 21, 3:30 Central time

Audio access
GV’s streaming: http://client.stretchinternet.com/client/grandview.portal#
Radio: 88.1 KDPS; streaming here http://kdpsradio.streamon.fm/

Video broadcast: ESPN3
Instructions HERE.

ESPN3 is a streaming service that is available to those whose internet and/cable providers have an agreement with ESPN3.  Locally, Mediacom is an ESPN3 provider.  If your internet provider is an EPSN3 partner, you can watch the game over the internet. If you have a web-enabled TV, an Xbox or similar equipment, you may be able to watch ESPN3 on your television. You will want to explore and test your ability to connect well before game time. ESPN3 is available on campus over the campus network.

Tips on connecting through Mediacom
If you have Mediacom internet, you need a special Mediacom email address as your username in order to do this, and the ESPN3 page at watchESPN.com doesn't accept it as a credential. This seems to work:

1. Go to mediacomtoday.com
2. There is a link to create a Mediacom email account where you log in.  It can take up to 12 hours for them to generate a Mediacom email address, so do this soon!
3. Once you have your Mediacom email and password, go back to www.Mediacomtoday.com and sign in with those credentials.
4. The ESPN 3 link is on the right, about halfway down the page, under "Mediacom networks"

Information about an alumni/fan bus trip can be found HERE.