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Gifted Vikings–Celebrating Your Giftedness


Grand View University received a grant to develop a week to celebrate our gifts. The week is March 23-27th. There will be multiple activities that week including an online auction. All proceeds from the auction will fund a Grand View students 2016 service trip to Ghana.
Your role is twofold: One, all of you have talents that you show in a variety of ways such as photography, quilting, painting, woodwork, cooking, baking, fixing computers, singing, knitting and the list goes on and on. We'd so appreciate you auctioning off a product of your giftedness.  There is a form on myview under academics-vocation initiative that needs to be completed by March 2nd.
First, the purpose of the auction is more to celebrate your giftedness than it is to raise money. With that in mind, this is not a garage sale or craigslist. The item(s) you donate are to be a reflection of your giftedness, passion, or desire to give back. (As you will see, the description will need to include a sentence about how the item reflects your giftedness.)
Second, we would also appreciate you bidding on the donated items. The auction is an online process. Click here to view items that have been donated.
Making a donation is easy. Download the donation form here and submit your donation. Donation forms are due March 2nd. Thank you!