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Gifted Vikings–Celebrating Your Giftedness


Grand View received a grant to develop a week to celebrate our gifts. The week is coming soon: March 24-30. There will be multiple activities that week, but for now we hope you will help us with the Gifted Vikings auction. This auction is designed to showcase the gifts that we all have, and the variety of ways that we use those gifts for the benefit of others.
What are your gifts and passions? Helping others? Baking? Art? Making people happy? Whatever gifts you have, we hope you can find a way to showcase that in the auction. While the auction is not yet "live," you can take a look at what others have contributed at www.32auctions.com/giftedvikings
At the same time that the auction is a showcase for our gifts, it is also an opportunity to raise funds for a 2015 mission trip to Ghana, during which students will be able to share their gifts with others. In this way, your giftedness can provide a way for students to share their gifts with people in need.
Making a donation is easy. Download the donation form here and follow the instructions on the form to submit your donation. Donation forms are due next week!
NOTE: The purpose of the auction is more to celebrate your giftedness than it is to raise money. With that in mind, this is not a garage sale or a white elephant auction. The item(s) you donate need to be a reflection of your giftedness, passion, or desire to give back.