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Write letters to the parents of the missing Nigerian girls


The Grand View Sociology Department invites you to write letters of comfort to the parents of the young girls kidnapped in Nigeria. The letters can be returned to: adeibert@grandview.edu, jwells@grandview.edu, ababa-singhri@grandview.edu.

Sociology Department
Grand View University
1200 Grandview Avenue
Des Moines, Iowa 50316

or put in the Grand View Library Dropbox (24 hours), 1350 Morton Avenue. Please submit emails & letters by May 30, 2014.

Grand View hosted a peace and security forum April 26th – May 1st sponsored by the GV Sociology Department and the Center for the Exploration and Practice of Peace and Nonviolence in collaboration with IRIS (Iowa Resource for International Services). The theme was Peace (Zaman Lafiya), Security (Tsaro), and Progress (Chigaba).

The forum was initiated by Professor Ahmadu A. Baba Singhri, a native of Nigeria, and Professor Ammertte Deibert, in response to insecurities in Nigeria as a result of ethno-religious violent conflicts and terrorism. This was observed in the recent kidnapping in Nigeria of more than 200 girls, a majority of which are still missing. Nigerian delegates were on campus to present their peace-making strategies.