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Rasmussen Center

The Rasmussen Center for Community Advancement Professions, completed in the fall of 2008, houses several Grand View departments in state-of-the-art space.  In the fall of 2010, The Rasmussen Center was awarded runner-up in the Smartest Building in America Challenge. The Smartest Building in America Challenge honors smart people who have put their building automation system to full use.

Rasmussen Center Map

Rasmussen Center Exterior

The Rasmussen Center for Community Advancement Professions, completed in the fall of 2008, houses several Grand View departments in state-of-the-art space. The building is at the center of campus on the northwest corner of East 14th Street and Grandview Avenue. This 40,000 square foot academic building houses the departments of art, education, human services, criminal justice, political sciences, psychology, and sociology, as well as classrooms, faculty offices, art studios, and computer labs.


The Gallery at Elings-Wood Center for Art and Design

The Gallery named for Virgil Elings, a Rasmussen benefactor, and James B. Wood, longtime friend of Elings, is an eye-catching attraction when you enter the Rasmussen Center. Visual arts majors are required to have an exhibit before completing their study here. The Gallery also features alumni and faculty shows as well, and the Fine Arts Competition is displayed in the spring. The space has four portable walls with track displays and is booked for the next two years.


Drawing Studio

The drawing studio is used for Art foundation courses. Lighting subjects can be fine-tuned with track lighting. The wall of windows allows natural light to permeate the room. Students use drawing tables to create their artwork.


Painting Studio

The painting studio is an open studio, meaning students may use the room at any time the building is open and class is not in session. There are few flat surfaces in this room as most work is done on easels, and the natural light in the room is ideal for many projects.

Special Projects Room

This art classroom is set up to accommodate Art 100 and Art Therapy classes. It has been outfitted with sinks, storage and tackable walls to provide the necessary space for printmaking and silkscreen printing. 

Computer Lab

The building contains two computer labs with accommodations for a 20-student class, while leaving the back row open for other student use during classes. Web design and other art-related courses are conducted in the labs. A print alcove just outside the labs makes it convenient for students to obtain necessary printed materials.


Critique Room

This space was designed for instructors to show and discuss student work. Students submit electronic versions of their projects that the instructor can project onto a large format screen for class critique. This has helped cut down on mounting costs for students as well as increasing engagement among students.


Grand Staircase

The Rasmussen Center for Community Advancement Professions  houses the art, education and social science departments.  The Elings-Wood Center for Art and Design fills out the first floor, and a grand staircase leads to the Richard O. Jacobson Center for Education and Social Sciences on the second floor.


Student Lounge

The student lounge area is ideal for students to relax between classes on comfortable modern furniture or to hold study sessions. Sofas, end tables, stools and tables provide a variety of lounge space with the ability to rearrange furniture to suite student needs.


Conference Room

The Jaina Johnson Conference Room is located in the southeast corner of the Rasmussen Center on the second floor. With its location and architectural features, the space lends itself well to such a room. It is available to the campus and off-campus community for scheduled events. The lights suspended above the large round meeting table are from Le Klint, a well-known company in Denmark.


Writing Center

The Writing Center is a resource for all students. Complete with computers and writing tutors, students have an abundance of writing materials and resources available here. The Center is a place for students to get feedback on their writing and assistance with problem areas. They learn to become writers and take responsibility for their writing, while building confidence and credibility.


Smart Classrooms

All classrooms with the exception of computer labs and art classrooms have Smart Boards. This technology allows instructors to show websites, Power Points and other documents, while enabling them to annotate with electronic markers. Notes can be saved and recalled at will.


Observation Classroom

This room is specifically for education majors. Students are able to observe a class behind one-way windows aiding in their educational pursuits. Faculty can observe students teaching in preparation for actual community classroom work. The classroom has technology that makes it useful as a focus group facility as well.

Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning is a resource to enhance and support student learning in innovative and effective ways. This environment is committed to excellence in learning and teaching, peer networking, professional development, technology, teaching-related information and collaborative endeavors. Outfitted with computers and a big-screen television for group presentation discussions, faculty and staff conduct conversations on how to enhance Grand View in all aspects.


Office Suite Areas

Each set of office suites is equipped with an office waiting area. This space can be used for students to wait to meet with professors or a collaboration space for students and professors alike.


Faculty Office

The Rasmussen Center for Community Advancement Professions has comfortable and functional faculty office suites that enhance interaction among faculty and students.