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Books and Supplies
Books and supplies may be purchased at
the Grand View University Bookstore.  
Library Fees
The Grand View University Library does
not charge a daily fine for the late return of
library books or other materials.  However,
after 90 days students are charged a
replacement fine for the item (minimum of
$10.00), plus a service fee of $5.00.  This
charge is debited to the student's account at
the Business Office.
Tuition for 2009-2010
Students registering for degree-seeking
graduate credit are charged at the rate of
$465.00 per semester hour credit.
Technology Fee/Parking Fee
Fees are charged to student accounts on a
per semester basis.  Parking fees are
assessed to all students.  For the 2009-2010
year, parking fees are $25 per semester (fall
and spring) for graduate students.
Technology fees of $75 per semester (fall,
spring and summer) are assessed to
graduate students.  Fees are not refundable
after the start of the semester. 
Payments and Refunds
Payment of Student Accounts
Payment of charges for tuition is due by the
end of the first week of class for any term. 
All other charges (fines, etc.) are due within
10 days of the date assessed.  Payments are
to be made at the Business Office and may
be made by cash, check, VISA, MasterCard,
Discover Card or American Express.
The Employer Reimbursement Plan is
available to students who are reimbursed by
their employer for the cost of classes.  While
the students have the ultimate responsibility
for payment of tuition, the amount
reimbursed by the company can be deferred
until 30 days after the end of the term.  To
defer payment students must:
1.  Complete and submit the GV Tuition
Reimbursement Form no later than the
tuition due date;
2.  On or before the tuition due date, pay the
portion of tuition not covered by the
employer reimbursement plan, plus a
processing fee of $25.00 per semester.
Additionally, the university offers a three
payment plan, as well as a monthly payment
plan through an outside company.  For
additional information on this payment
option, please contact the Business Office.
Any amount not paid in full by the due date
will be assessed a 1.5% per month late
charge.  The balance shall be due and
payable at once, without any additional
notice to the students, if the students
terminate enrollment at Grand View
University or the total due is not paid by the
final payment deadline.  The student is
responsible for all interest, collection costs
and attorney fees necessary for the collection
of any amount not paid when due.  Late fees
will continue to be charged in the amount of
1.5% per month.  Any past due balance may
result in prevention of further enrollment
and may also result in cancellation of
registration for upcoming classes. 
Transcripts and diplomas will be held until
all financial obligations to the university are
All returned checks will be charged a $25.00
fee which will be added to the students'
tuition accounts, and no further checks will
be accepted.
Tuition Refunds
Dropping Classes
Students have the first five days of each
semester (add/drop period) to add and drop
classes without financial penalty.  The
Business Office and Financial Aid Office will
establish each student's tuition charges and
financial aid based on the student's
enrollment after the add/drop period.  Any
classes dropped after the add/drop period
will continue to count toward total billing
credits and will not result in an adjustment
to tuition charges or financial aid unless
students completely withdraw (drop all
classes) from the university.  Classes added
after this date may result in increased tuition
charges as the total billing credits charged
will include all courses not dropped before
or during the add/drop period.  
The add/drop period is adjusted for courses
that do not last the full length of a semester
or session.    
Complete Withdrawal
Students who are considering withdrawing
from Grand View University should first
discuss all academic options with their
advisor.  Students interested in officially
withdrawing from Grand View University
must initiate the withdrawal by contacting
the Dean of Graduate Studies.  The effective
date of withdrawal will be calculated based
on the date of contact.  Students who
withdraw on or after the first day of the term
and before the 60% point in time in the
semester will receive a prorated refund in
tuition.  The amount of the refund is based
on the percentage of the semester that has not
been completed (the number of calendar days
remaining in the semester divided by the
number of calendar days in the semester). 
Financial aid will be refunded to the
respective sources (federal, state and
institutional) using the same percentage. 
Stated simply, a student who completely
withdraws after completing 20% of the
semester will be charged 20% of tuition
charges and will retain 20% of the financial
aid.  Examples of the application of the
refund policy are available upon request at
the Financial Aid Office.
If funds have been released to the student
because of a credit balance on the student's
account at Grand View University, then the
student may be required to repay some or the
entire amount released to the student.
This policy is subject to federal 
regulations.  Contact the Financial Aid Office
for details and to learn of any changes to this
Student Life provides out-of-class learning
experiences that are as rich in learning
opportunities as the formal in-class
experience.  Learning occurs during the
admission process, financial aid planning,
participation in campus activities and
athletics, career development, and
involvement in the University community.
Other offices provide services which are
designed to meet the individual needs of
students:  Academic Success Center,
Admissions, Athletics, Career Center,
Financial Aid, Food Service, International
Student Services, Multicultural and
Community Outreach, Personal
Counseling, Student Involvement, Services
for Students with Special Needs, Tutoring,
and Writing Lab.
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