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Students who are within six semester credits
of completing all requirements for April
graduation may petition the Director of
Graduate Studies, in writing, to participate in
the commencement ceremony.  This petition
must include a plan to earn the remaining
credit hours throughout the summer terms
which follow the April commencement
Any changes made to a graduation petition
after it has been granted, including the
intended graduation date, must be submitted
in writing to the Director of Graduate Studies
in order for the changes to be accepted by the
University.  Petition forms are available in
the Director’s Office and on the University
Web sites.
Transfer to Other Institutions
The fact that Grand View University is an
accredited member of the Higher Learning
Commission of the North Central
Association of Colleges and Schools and is
accredited at the baccalaureate and master’s
levels insures a maximum of convenience
in the transfer of credits to other
educational institutions.
Students planning to transfer, however,
should realize that there is no such thing as
automatic transfer.  Each institution has its
own requirements and standards and is free
to apply these restrictions to all applicants. 
Moreover, many institutions reserve the right
to refuse to accept credits in which the
student received a low grade.
For these reasons, students who plan to
transfer are strongly urged to plan their
programs at Grand View with careful
reference to the catalogs of the institutions in
which they are interested, or better yet, with
a letter or visit to the Registrar of such
institutions.  In addition, students are urged
to maintain as high a grade point average as
possible to minimize difficulties associated
with low grades.
Graduation Requirements for
a Master of Science Degree
Successful completion of all
requirements for the core component
of the degree.
Successful completion of all
requirements for at least one track --
business, education or nursing.
Achievement of a cumulative grade
point average of  3.0 with no more
than 2 grades of C. 
The Grand View University M.S. in
Innovative Leadership is committed to
developing leaders in business, education
and nursing who are evidence-based
practitioners.  Features of the program
Emphasis on analysis, synthesis, and
Comprehensive commitment to the
development of critical thinking and
writing skills.
Emphasis on preparing independent,
self-directed and collaborative
Instructional/learning methodologies
that value and make significant use of
primary sources and case studies.
Opportunity to participate in a
learning experience that includes
“engaged”  practitioners who strive to
connect theory and practice.
Opportunity to develop and practice
skills of collaborative decision making.
Commitment to developing leaders
who become and remain “cutting
edge,” evidence-based practitioners.
The Common Core
The graduate will be able to:
Demonstrate knowledge of leadership
theory, change, culture, and
organizational behavior.
Develop critical skills essential for
interpretation and application of
evidence for professional practice. 
Apply relevant theoretical models of
decision making in a professional
Demonstrate the value of diversity,
equity, communication, ethical
practice, moral leadership, and
cultural competence in the workplace.  
Demonstrate an understanding of
innovation at the individual level as
well as the organizational level.
Connect and apply knowledge of
leadership, decision making,
innovation theory, workplace
dynamics and evidence-based practice
to professional settings.
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