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Application Criteria and Process
Each applicant for admission to the M.S. in
Innovative Leadership degree program at
Grand View University must complete an
application file which includes the
1. An application for admission to graduate
2. An official transcript of an earned
baccalaureate degree from a regionally 
accredited institution of higher education.
Transcripts must be sent from the
institution(s) granting the credit.
3. A cover letter which addresses:
the student’s interest in the program,
including the identification of short
and long term career goals,
the skills and experiences that the
student will contribute to the program,
the expectations that the student has
of the program.
4. A resume.
5. Three letters of recommendation,
preferably one from an undergraduate
faculty member or a substitute approved by
the Council of Graduate Studies, one from
an employer, and one from someone else
who can attest to the ability of the student
to successfully engage in graduate study.
6. Validation of an undergraduate
minimum grade point average (G.P.A.) of 
3.0 on a 4.0 scale.
7. A $40.00 non-refundable application fee.
8. Results of the Graduate Record Exam
(GRE) or Graduate Management Aptitude
Test (GMAT) within the last five years. The
GRE is most appropriate for those in
education and nursing, the GMAT for those
interested in business. OR  a written essay
(in addition to the required cover letter).
9.  Additional requirements related to the
intended tracks of study include:
    For EDUC Track
A current license to teach in the State
of Iowa.                                           
      For NURS Track
A baccalaureate degree with an upper
division major in nursing from a
program accredited by the National
League for Nursing or the
Commission on Collegiate Nursing
Current state license as a registered
professional nurse. 
Professional liability insurance of
$1,000,000/$3,000,000 coverage.
A baccalaureate level statistics course
approved by the Council of Graduate
Current CPR (professional level)
Health requirements including TB
testing, hepatitis B, varicella. 
Criminal background screening.
All applicants must have a minimum of
two years of full-time employment or
approval of the Council of Graduate
Upon completion of the application file for
admission, all applicants are required to
schedule an interview with the Director of 
Graduate Studies.
Students whose native language is not
English must also demonstrate mastery of
the  English language. 
All application materials should be
submitted to the Office of Admissions.
Completed application files will be
reviewed each month by the Council of
Graduate Studies and applicants will be
notified of council action on the 15th of each
month.  New students will ordinarily be
admitted to the program once a year, at the
beginning of the Fall term.
Provisional Admission
The applicant who does not meet all
program requirements may be considered
for provisional admission on a space
available basis.  The conditions of
provisional admission will be defined, in
writing, by the Council of Graduate Studies
at the time that provisional admission is
Transfer Credit
Students admitted to graduate study at
Grand View University may submit a
request for up to six semester hours of
previously earned graduate credit to be
accepted as transfer credit.
Previous graduate work must:
Have been earned at an accredited
college or university.
Have been completed within the last
five years prior to admission to
graduate study at Grand View.
Have been awarded a grade no lower
than a B-.
Be reviewed and evaluated at the time
of admission to graduate study at
Grand View University.
All requests for transfer credit must be
accompanied by:
An official transcript.
A course description.
A course syllabus.
Financial Aid
Students in graduate programs may be
eligible for Stafford Loans.  To qualify,
students must be enrolled at least part-time
and meet eligibility requirements
established by the federal government.
Students who need additional financial aid
than that provided by the Stafford Loan
program may qualify for a federal Graduate
Plus Loan.  
All questions about financial assistance for
graduate study should be referred to the
Director of Financial Aid.
Grand View Assistance
Graduate students who are degree seeking
may be eligible for limited Grand View
awarded aid.  Please contact the Director of
Graduate Studies for information. 
Grand View University is committed to
providing every student a quality
education at a reasonable cost.  Through the
annual contributions of the churches of the
Iowa Synods of the Evangelical Lutheran
Church in America, gifts from individuals
and businesses, and income generated by
the Grand View University Endowment
Fund, the actual cost to the students may be
The tuition and fees listed in this catalog
are effective for the 2010-2011 academic
year and are subject to change, at any time
thereafter, without notice.
Satisfactory Academic
The Higher Education Act of 1965, as
amended, requires students to maintain
satisfactory progress toward their degree in
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