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order to receive financial aid. At Grand
View University, these standards are
established for students who are receiving
or applying for financial aid from one or
more of the various federal, state or
institutional scholarship, grant, work or
loan programs. 
Grand View’s Satisfactory Academic
Progress Standards for Financial Aid apply
to all students who want to establish or
maintain financial aid eligibility. These
standards apply to a student’s entire
academic transcript, including terms for
which financial aid was not applied nor
The Satisfactory Academic Progress
Standards require that students
successfully complete a certain percentage
of attempted credit hours and maintain a
minimum required grade point average as
defined by the standards. These are
minimum standards that must be attained.
Specific aid programs or academic
departments may require more than these
minimum standards. 
The academic progress of financial aid
recipients is monitored a minimum of once
each academic year. Students should
contact the Financial Aid Office with
questions regarding the intent and/or
interpretation of these standards.
Completion Rate Requirements &
Duration of Eligibility
Students must successfully complete at
least 67% of the credit hours they attempt.
Credits for which students receive grades of
“W” or “F” are counted as credits that are
attempted, but not completed. Students
who do not complete 67% of their
attempted credit hours will be granted one
probationary period in which to increase
their percentage of credit hours earned.
Failure to achieve this standard at any point
following the probationary period will
result in the loss of financial aid eligibility
until the student has earned 67% of his or
her attempted credit hours.   Eligibility will
terminate when the credits required for a
specific degree/program are earned.
Grade Point Average (GPA)
Students must maintain a minimum
cumulative GPA.   Graduate students must
maintain a 3.0 minimum cumulative GPA.
Students who do not meet the minimum
cumulative GPA requirements will be
granted a probationary period in which to
raise their cumulative GPA to the minimum
standard.  Failure to achieve this standard
at any point following the probationary
period will result in the loss of financial aid
eligibility until the cumulative GPA meets
the minimum standard.  
Courses with a grade of Incomplete must
be completed in the following semester. 
Incomplete courses that remain after one
semester will be assigned a grade of “F”
and factored into academic progress at that
Probationary Periods
Please note that students will receive a total
of one probationary period whether they
are in violation of one or more Satisfactory
Academic Progress requirements.
Repeated Coursework
When a student repeats a course, the most
recent grade received will be used in the
calculation of the cumulative grade point
average.  The credit hours for the class will
be calculated as part of a student’s
completion rate.
Re-Establishing Eligibility
A student who has lost financial aid
eligibility due to a deficiency in completed
hours or GPA can regain eligibility by
achieving the minimum standards
established in this policy.  It is the student’s
responsibility to notify the Financial Aid
Office and request that aid be reinstated
when this has been accomplished.
Appeal Process
Extenuating circumstances that result in a
student failing to achieve the minimum
completed credit hours and/or GPA
requirements will be evaluated by a
Financial Aid Academic Progress
Committee.  Appeals should be sent in
writing to the Assistant Director of
Financial Aid, Grand View University, 1200
Grandview Avenue, Des Moines, Iowa
Financial Charges
Application Fee
A non-refundable fee of $40.00 must
accompany the application for admission.  
Books and Supplies
Books and supplies may be purchased at
the Grand View University Bookstore.  
Library Fees
The Grand View University Library does
not charge a daily fine for the late return of
library books or other materials.  However,
after 90 days students are charged a
replacement fine for the item (minimum of
$10.00), plus a service fee of $5.00.  This
charge is debited to the student's account at
the Business Office.
Tuition for 2010-2011
Students registering for degree-seeking
graduate credit are charged at the rate of
$465.00 per semester hour credit.
Technology Fee/Parking Fee
Fees are charged to student accounts on a
per semester basis.  Parking fees are
assessed to all students.  For the 2010-2011
year, parking fees are $25 per semester (fall
and spring) for graduate students.
Technology fees of $75 per semester (fall,
spring and summer) are assessed to
graduate students.  Fees are not refundable
after the start of the semester. 
Payments and Refunds
Payment of Student Accounts
Payment of charges for tuition is due by the
end of the first week of class for any term. 
All other charges (fines, etc.) are due within
10 days of the date assessed.  Payments are
to be made at the Business Office and may
be made by cash, check, VISA, MasterCard,
Discover Card or American Express.
The Employer Reimbursement Plan is
available to students who are reimbursed by
their employer for the cost of classes.  While
the students have the ultimate responsibility
for payment of tuition, the amount
reimbursed by the company can be deferred
until 30 days after the end of the term.  To
defer payment students must:
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