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The Graduate Community and
Much of life’s journey occurs in
community—in our families, at our places
of work or service, in our educational
endeavors, and with the friendships that
we develop.  Graduate study is a complex
and challenging undertaking.  Grand View
University places a high priority on
mentoring and on the development of
community among those students who are
engaged in graduate study.
Grand View’s commitment to these goals
occurs through::
1.  Activities, events, and programs
scheduled by the Graduate Council both
after students have been admitted and
before they begin their graduate study as
well as during their years of formal study.
2.  The relationship that each graduate
student establishes with his/her academic
advisor and with other faculty members
who teach and guide graduate level study.
Grand View University strives, as our
mission statement declares “to engage,
equip, and empower students to fulfill their
ambitions and to serve society.”
Graduate students register and progress
through the program as a cohort.
New students may register in advance
according to information that will be sent
after the acceptance process is completed. 
In addition, registration is possible on days
specified in the University calendar.
Returning students will pre-register for the
following semester according to the
schedule distributed by the Registrar's
Office each semester.
The times of registration for Graduate
Students are stated in connection with the
announcement of course offerings prior to
the opening of each session.
In every instance registration is complete
when students have enrolled for a schedule
of courses and have completed financial
arrangements in the Business Office.
Academic Load
Full time graduate load is 9 semester hours. 
Those enrolled for fewer than 9 hours are
considered part-time students.  Half time is
considered 5 semester hours. Typically a
semester is designed to have  7 credit hours.
Changes in Registration
When necessary, changes in registration
may be made.  However, students should
plan their academic programs carefully so
that subsequent changes are kept to a
minimum.  After the first five class days of
the fall or spring academic terms, no new
courses may be added to students'
schedules without the instructors' written
For other academic terms, the add/drop
period is the first 7% of the term.  Specific
dates are listed on the course schedule for
each term.
Withdrawal from Courses or from
the University
Individual Course Withdrawal
Students may officially withdraw from an
individual course during the first 60% of a
semester.  If withdrawal occurs after the
first five class days of the fall, spring or
summer academic terms and before the end
of the first 60% of the semester, the registrar
will place the symbol W on a student's
transcript.  Students who drop courses after
the first 60% will receive an F (fail) grade
for those courses.  For academic courses of
irregular length, the withdrawal date shall
be 60% of the length of the course.  If
withdrawal occurs after the first 7% of the
academic term and before the final
withdrawal date, the registrar will place the
symbol W on a student's transcript.  An F
(fail) grade will be recorded for any
irregular length course that a student drops
after the withdrawal deadline.  The specific
date for this deadline is listed on the course
schedule for each academic term, which is
distributed by the Registrar's Office.  If
students have been found guilty of
academic dishonesty and a penalty of an F
(fail) grade is assigned, a W cannot be
Withdrawal from Grand View
Students may withdraw from the
University and receive a W for each course
if withdrawal occurs before the end of the
first 60% of the semester.  A failing grade
will be recorded for all courses if the
University withdrawal is made after the
first 60% of the term.  Students who
withdraw from Grand View’s graduate
program will need to apply for
readmission and be admitted on a space
available basis in a new cohort.
Active Military Service
If students are called to active military
service before the mid-point of a term, the
University will withdraw them from all
their courses and refund their tuition.  If
students are called to active military service
at the mid-point of a term or later, students
may remain enrolled in their courses and
will be assigned an I (Incomplete) for each
course in which they are enrolled.  When
students return to the graduate program,
they will have one semester to complete
their course(s).  Students will automatically
receive a grade of F for all courses that are
not completed during the designated time
Students are reminded that if withdrawal is
not official, they will be responsible for
tuition charges relating to the course(s) in
Notification to Students on
Family Educational Rights and
Privacy Act of 1974
Grand View University, in full compliance
with the Family Educational Rights and
Privacy Act of 1974, shall make educational
records available to students upon request. 
Likewise, in accordance with the law,
individually identifiable educational records
will not be released to other than authorized
individuals without written consent of the
students.  Students have the right to file
complaints with the Family Educational
Rights and Privacy Act Office (FERPA) in
Washington, D.C., concerning alleged
failures by the institution to comply with the
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