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Student educational records are open to
inspection and review by the individual
student with certain exceptions which are
permitted under the act.  Among those items
excepted from this policy are confidential
letters written prior to January 1, 1975,
records held by counselors and other
psychological records held on a student,
private records in the sole possession of the
maker, or financial records of the parents. 
Students' records are open to other school
officials, including teachers within the
educational institution or local educational
agency who have been determined to have
legitimate educational interest, and those
others specified in the act.
Students have the right to challenge the
contents of their education records, to have a
hearing if the outcome of the challenge is
unsatisfactory, and to submit explanatory
statements for inclusion in their files if they
feel the decision of hearing officers is
Grand View University considers the
following categories to be directory
information and, as such, may release it to
any or all inquiries in such forms as news
releases, directories, or computer address
lists:  the student's name, addresses,
telephone numbers, e-mail addresses,
advisor, major field of study, dates of
attendance, enrollment status, degrees and
awards received, honors received, most
recent previous educational agency or
institution attended, photographic view or
electronic images, class level, anticipated date
of completion, participation in official
recognized activities. 
Students who do not wish this information to
be released may prevent such release by
sending a written request to the Registrar's
Office.  If a student requests that directory
information not be released, it will prohibit
Grand View from providing any of the above
information except the student’s name,
Grand View e-mail address, and information
published in the commencement program.  If
students do not want student’s name, Grand
View university e-mail address, and
information published in the commencement
program released, they should contact the
Permanent Grades
There are four permanent grades that
indicate the quality of students work in a
course.  Three of these indicate successful
completion of the course:  A (highest), B,
and C (lowest).  The fourth, F, indicates
failure to complete the course successfully.
The symbol W is entered on the transcript
when students withdraw.  No course in the
core or track may be taken pass/fail.
Incomplete Work
Students who have made satisfactory
progress in a course (achieved passing
grades) but are unable to complete course
requirements due to extenuating
circumstances beyond their control may
ask their instructor for an "incomplete." 
Students must discuss this option with
their instructor, document the
circumstances preventing them from
completing the course to the instructor's
satisfaction, and receive the instructor's
approval before the University will
recognize such requests.  The faculty
member, in consultation with the students,
will decide the amount of time allowed to
complete course requirements.  Students
receiving an incomplete during the Spring
Semester or during one of the summer
terms must finish all specified course work
before the end of the following fall
semester.  Students receiving an
incomplete during the fall semester must
complete all specified course work before
the end of the following spring semester. 
This completion period may be extended if
special circumstances exist.  Requests to
extend the completion period beyond one
additional semester must be made by the
instructor and approved by the graduate 
director.  The temporary symbol I is noted
on a student's transcript when an
incomplete is granted.  This symbol is
removed from the student’s transcript and
replaced with the appropriate grade for the
course if the requirements are completed
within the designated time period.  If the
requirements are not completed during the
designated time period, the I symbol is
automatically replaced with a grade of F.
Students requesting an incomplete must fill
out an incomplete request form in
consultation with their instructor.  When
completed the faculty member must
submit it to the Registrar's Office no later
than the day grades are due for the
semester in which the course is taken.  The
registrar must sign this form to
acknowledge its receipt.  Students and
faculty are encouraged to keep copies of
this form as well as copies of all the work
required to complete the course until
students receive written verification of
their final course grade.
Grading Policies, Credits,
Grade Points, and Grade Point
Academic credit is expressed in semester
hours.  Grade points are assigned to the
students' grades and used to determine the
academic standing of the students.
  Each credit hour of A:  4 grade points
  Each credit hour of B:   3 grade points
  Each credit hour of C:   2 grade points
  Each credit hour of F:   0 grade points
The symbols I (incomplete), W (withdraw),
and Z (audited) do not carry grade point
For graduate courses, the grade point
average is the total of all grade points
divided by the total of all graduate credit
hours attempted.
Grade point averages are recorded on
official transcripts to the nearest 0.01 of a
point.  All decisions affecting students'
academic progress that make use of a grade
point criterion (e.g. academic probation,
academic suspension, and graduation) are
made with reference to the nearest 0.01 of a
point of the students' GPA.
Academic Progression
Students are required to enroll in all
coursework scheduled for the cohort in a
given term.  Students may not enroll in
partial coursework and are expected to
progress with the cohort.
Students must maintain a 3.0 GPA and may
not accumulate more than 2 “C” course
grades toward graduation.  Students with a
cumulative GPA below 3.0 will be placed
on probation and may be dismissed from
the program by the Council of Graduate
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