June 2021 - May 2022

Sponsored by the Braida Institute, our camp offers fiction, poetry, and dramatic writing seminars taught by Grand View professors who are also published authors, playwrights, and screenwriters.

The virtual workshop gives students the opportunity to develop and practice written storytelling skills using a variety of mediums. During this camp, students will create exciting new work and share their ideas with others, simulating the workshop process that most notable writers engage in. Through these activities, participants will gain valuable feedback on their writing, instruction and encouragement from professionals in the field, and a chance to build relationships with peers who share their love for storytelling. 

Workshop Details

What: Grand View University’s Virtual Creative Writing Workshop is an opportunity for high school students to generate a new, high quality, fiction (novelette) or nonfiction (long essay) piece. Enrolled students will work with Grand View’s Braida Endowed Chair of Creative Writing over a 10-month period. During this time, participants will receive creative writing lectures that will help guide their writing process. Every quarter, these young writers will submit their work-inprogress and will receive feedback from other student writers through group workshop sessions, as well as written and/or verbal feedback from the Endowed Chair. The completed work will be published in the Workshop’s digital publication, The Braida Journal of Creative Writing and students will earn a GV Creative Writing Certificate.

When: The Workshop will span from June through May. Students will participate virtually in a 3-hour Saturday Session during the months of July, October, February, and May.

Where: Anywhere! This workshop will be held in a virtual format.

Cost: $399 with three payment options.

  • Full - The full cost of the workshop paid at time of registration $399.
  • Half Payment Plan - Half of the cost of the workshop paid at time of registration ($200), and the remaining balance due one month after the starting month of the workshop ($199).
  • Partial Payment Plan - Partial payment of the cost of the workshop paid at time of registration ($150), and the remaining balance paid in two monthly installments, due the 1st and 2nd month after the starting month of the workshop ($125 & $124)

Registration deadline is June 15.

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Frequently Asked Questions

My child is not in high school yet. Can they still register?
We do not accept elementary students, however middle school students will be considered on a case by case basis. To see if your middle school student would be a good fit for our workshop, please email the chair at
My child is interested in writing, but doesn't have a lot of experience. Is this the right camp for them?
We welcome student writers of all experience levels from beginner to advanced. Each student is encouraged to develop their own writing skills during the workshop and practice storytelling no matter their level or expertise.
Who teaches the workshops?
Grand View University professors who are published writers teach the workshops. Because the camp reflects the kind of experience one would have at a typical writers’ workshop, writing instruction is limited to guidance and direction. Most of the time spent is used for writing, discussing ideas, sharing work, and providing feedback.
My child is interest, but I'm not sure I can afford it. Are there any scholarships?
Yes. We do offer a limited number of scholarships that can assist with some or all of the registration fee for families in need. Please contact our chair at to inquire about scholarships that are currently available.

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Dr. A'ndrea Wilson
Assistant Professor, Endowed Chair-Creative Writing