Global Vision Week 2021

Grand View created Global Vision Week to offer students, faculty, staff and the community opportunities to encounter belief systems, heritages and perspectives that differ from our own. The goal is to develop a deeper understanding of others, ourselves and our relationship to the world.


Monday, October 11

Pop-Up Event: Learn About the Work of GV's Diversity Advisory Team

Time: 2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Location: CJ's Place, Student Center


Dr. Heather Brady, Professor of Liberal Arts, Core II Coordinator and Coordinator of Global Vision Week, Alex Piedras, Multicultural and Community Outreach Director, International Student Advisor and GV Complete Coach, and Dr. Simone Sorteberg, Assistant Professor of Education.


Tuesday, October 12
***Tuesday's classes will use the alternate schedule posted on MyView home page.***

Albert Ravenholt Visiting Scholar Address - The Future of Identity in a Changing Digital Landscape

Time: 10:40 a.m. - 12:10 p.m.
Location: Johnson Wellness Center, Sisam Arena - Livestream also available at

nullCRYSTAL WASHINGTON is a technology strategist and futurist known for her ability to connect with a wide range of audiences on ways to empower themselves by embracing social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Her presentations educate consumers on the practical applications of social media networks, making them easy to understand and accessible for everyday people and small business owners. Crystal is the owner of CWM Enterprises and the co-founder of Socialtunities, a social media instructional brand aimed at training everyone from Gen Y’s to Baby Boomers in strategically using social media. A graduate of the University of Houston, Crystal has shared her expertise globally throughout North America, and in the Caribbean, Africa and Europe.

In her presentation, entitled “The Future of Identity in a Changing Digital Landscape,” Crystal will be showing us how the roles and power of personal and cultural identity are continually shifting in our increasingly connected world. In this high-energy talk, Crystal will demonstrate how you can leverage identity and technology for the betterment of yourself and humanity. Crystal will uncover the surprising ways technology is changing humans; she will identify the role social media is playing in shifting global societies, cultures, and our behaviors, and discover what you can do now to leverage global connectivity for opportunities.

Workshop: Interviewing and Resume Workshop with Palmer Group

Time: 1:40 p.m. - 2:50 p.m.
Location: Centrum (Krumm 33) | Zoom link

nullPalmer Group is a staffing agency with whom our Career Center regularly partners. In addition to sharing best practices related to resume and interview preparation, the presenters will specifically address digital/virtual identities and employer perceptions with application materials and in the interviewing process. Organized by Susie Stearns, Career Center.

nullPAUL DUDLEY attended Iowa State University and launched his career as a high school mathematics teacher. He taught high school Algebra and Geometry for 3 years and then career transitioned to his work at Palmer Group where he has served as a Recruiter for the past 4 years. He has recruitment expertise in the areas of IT, Mortgage & Banking, and Accounting & Finance. He critiques resumes and prepares people for interviews on a daily basis. Paul will share best practices related to resumes and insights to interview preparation. He will also discuss digital perceptions that employers make in the recruitment process. 


TED Talk: Stories of Identity and Belonging in College and in a Digital World

Time: 6:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.
Location: Centrum (Krumm 33) | Zoom link

This event will focus on the presenters in a storytelling format on developing their identity and sense of belonging/purpose in college. Organized by Steven Kellogg (Adult and Graduate Programs) and Susie Stearns (Career Center). 

nullANGELA LOSE is a 2018 Grand View University graduate. She completed her Bachelor of Arts Degree with three majors in the communications field. She currently works at Orchestrate Hospitality as their Marketing & Engagement Coordinator and is the lead on all things digital. Content creation, guest communication, photography and videography are a few of her areas of specialization for their brand of 10 restaurants and 2 hotels, which include DSM staples like Zombie Burger, Centro, Gateway Market, and Django.

nullROSS MOFFAT hails from Glasgow, Scotland. Having lost his sense of purpose, he traveled to Grand View University in the summer of 2002 with hope of resurrecting a floundering soccer career. In his 20 years in Des Moines, Ross has not only been able to achieve Hall of Fame success through his soccer endeavors, but he has impacted thousands of young people and families in our community and beyond. Ross stays committed to three core values: family, service and growth. He currently serves as Director of Player Development and Coach Education for Sporting Iowa Soccer Club, Assistant Coach for USA Paralympic Nation Team and Realtor for Goldfinch Realty Group.             

Wednesday, October 13

Lunch and Learn: Crack the Code to a New Language

Time: 12:00 p.m. - 12:50 p.m.
Location: Student Center, Valhalla

Bring your lunch and interact with Des Moines-metro business leaders who use foreign languages on a daily basis. These discussion leaders will talk about how they use their second language in their professions and to connect with community members. Table Leaders will rotate between tables in order to hear different perspectives. Organized by Grand View’s Modern Languages Advisory Committee.

RAFFLE: TWO ATTENDEES WILL WIN AN AMAZON OR STARBUCKS GIFT CARD! (Must be present for the drawing at the end of the event.)



LUIS ARREDONDO was born and raised in Durango, Mexico and immigrated to the United States without documents at age 12. God changed his life at 17 while a homeless, wandering, hopeless teen. He felt called to vocational ministry and studied in Italy, Brazil, and the USA. He played soccer from D3 to semi pro. After ten years in the inner-city vocational ministry, he moved to Des Moines and today works for Fellowship of Christian Athletes to serve Des Moines Public Schools and Grand View University through sports. At Grand View, he provides spiritual coaching for some of the teams to help them in their journey and growth.

nullDR. HEIDI GOEPP is a General Dentist, with a solo practice in West Des Moines, Iowa since 1995. Dr. Goepp is the first dentist in Des Moines to create a fully bilingual office. Dr Goepp, a Latina herself, did not grow up speaking Spanish. She started studying Spanish in high school. Today, practicing for 32 years, Dr. Goepp attracts patients from around the state. Patients are grateful to know someone can actually understand their dental concerns, while they speak in their native tongue. Being bilingual opens ones’ talents to more than one audience.

nullHEATHER JONES works for the Polk County Financial Empowerment Center to help infuse financial literacy into our county and is the director of the 20/20 Vision Project. Her community work includes the Urban Dreams Board, Des Moines Branch of the NAACP Executive Board, Modern Languages Advisory Committee at Grand View University, and the Greater Des Moines Y-Camp Advisory Board. She is a 2016 graduate of New Leaders Council Des Moines, 2020 graduate of the Community Leadership Program at the Greater Des Moines Leadership Institute, and a 2020 Des Moines Business Record 40 Under 40 Honoree.

nullSONDRA SCHREIBER is an experienced international education professional with over ten years of higher education experience working in International Student and Scholar Services, Intensive English Programs and Education Abroad. Since 2016 she has been the Director of Global Health at Des Moines University, where she facilitates international experiences for medical and health sciences students, develops international partnerships and hosts medical exchange students. During the pandemic, she has worked with international partners to develop innovative virtual global health experiences. 


Presentation: Close and Distant World: The Impact of Digital Technology on Social Relations and Identity

Time: 1:00 p.m. - 1:50 p.m.
Location: Rasmussen 212

nullDr. Baba-Singhri will present his paper, applying socio-symbolic-positivism, which critically examines the impact of technological advancement on social relations and the journey into a culture of identity constructions in the world of communication. The paper argues that technological advancement has not only contributed in creation and shaping of a culture of “new world order” in social relations and transactions, but has also contributed to the emergence of a seeming endless identity possibilities that was once a distant imagination; thereby creating a world that appears close but distant apart from the socio-scientific normal.

DR. AHMADU BABA-SINGHRI is professor of sociology at Grand View. A native of Nigeria, he has done extensive research on the African perspective and is involved in many civil-human rights development committees and boards. 

Student Panel: Online Learning During COVID

Time: 2:00 p.m. - 2:50 p.m.
Location: Student Center, Speed Lyceum | Zoom link        

Grand View students will discuss their online learning experience during the past two years as we have faced the COVID crisis. Panel discussion will focus around questions regarding the benefits and drawbacks, the impact of Hy-Flex learning on a sense of community and belonging on campus and off campus, student-student rapport and student-teacher rapport.

nullAHREN DAVIS is a senior at Grand View, majoring in psychology. He is on the View Crew, and men's outdoor and indoor track and cross-country

nullISABELLE JUHLER is a junior at Grand View, majoring in biochemistry. She is on the View Crew and the women’s golf team. teams. 

HUNTER SHANNON is a sophomore at Grand View, majoring in physical education. He is on the View Crew and the men's bowling team.null                          

nullDR. HEATHER BRADY (moderator) is GV Professor of Liberal Arts, Core II Director and Global Vision Week Coordinator             

Thursday, October 14

World Food Prize Address: Feeding 9.5 Billion World Population in 2050: A Challenge for Scientists

Time: 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Location: Zoom Webinar - click here to join. Passcode: 433058

nullDR. GURDEV KHUSH was born at Rurkee, district Jalandhar, Punjab, India in 1935. He received his B.Sc. degree from Punjab Agricultural University and Ph.D. from the University of California, Davis. After serving as a faculty member of the University of California for seven years, he joined International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) in the Philippines as Plant Breeder, and was appointed a Head of Plant Breeding Department in 1972. He retired in April 2002 as Principal Plant Breeder and Head of the Division of Plant Breeding Genetics and Biochemistry. During his 35-year career at IRRI he spearheaded the program for developing high yielding and disease and insect resistant varieties of rice which ushered in green revolution in rice farming. More than 300 rice varieties developed under his leadership have been released in Asia, Africa and Latin America. IRRI bred varieties or their progenies are now grown on 80% of world’s rice land. Rice production increased from 257 million tons in 1966 to 744 million tons in 2018. Most of the major rice growing countries became self-sufficient in rice production and several have exportable surplus.

Dr. Cantrell, Director General of IRRI summed up Dr. Khush’s contributions by saying, “While his name may have passed the lips of many, his life’s work passed the lips of almost half of mankind.”

Dr. Khush had made outstanding contributions to advancing the frontiers of rice genetics. He has written three books, edited 6 books and has published 340 papers in scientific journals. He has trained numerous plant breeders and served as consultant to 15 national rice improvement programs.

Upon his retirement from IRRI, his alma mater University of California Davis appointed Dr. Khush as an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Plant Sciences. He is now an Adjunct Professor Emeritus.

For his contribution to world food security Dr. Khush received the Japan Prize in 1987, World Food Prize in 1996, Rank Prize in 1998, Wolf Prize in Agriculture in 2000, Padma Shri Award in 2000 from President of India, Golden Sickle Award in 2007 and Mahathir Science Award in 2009. He has received honorary doctorate degrees from sixteen universities, including from Cambridge University and Ohio State University. Dr. Khush was elected to the Indian National Science Academy, Indian Academy of Sciences, Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Third World Academy of Sciences, U.S. National Academy of Sciences and Royal Society of London.

Faculty Workshop: Diversity / Equity / Inclusion

Time: 2:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Location: CETL (Rasmussen 209) and Zoom            

The goal of the roundtable is to share DEI plans, discuss progress made so far, and exchange ideas about future plans.



DR. PAUL BROOKE is GV Professor of English. 





DR. HEATHER BRADY is GV Professor of Liberal Arts, Core II Director and Global Vision Week Coordinator.  


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