2021 Study Tours Announced

April 20, 2020

The following study tour programs are tentatively planned for May 2021. Please contact one of the faculty members involved for more information. (Please note that dates and costs are tentative. Costs may be adjusted due to global economic influences.)

England/Scotland/Wales: Social Problems and Responsibility in the United Kingdom
Learn how countries in the United Kingdom – England, Scotland, and Wales address social problems, respond to marginalized populations, and develop ideas on how to influence stateside social programs and practices. Students will examine their own bias and privilege, and develop an appreciation and understanding of self, career, and society. Through understanding the culture of English, Scottish, and Welsh people, students will be better able to advocate for self or others to create a more just society.

Tentative Dates: May 19-June 4, 2021
Tentative Cost: $4,165
Led by: John Lyden ( & Cathy Beck-Cross (

Guatemala: Bridging Global Perspectives

Enhance your major (Healthcare, Business, Kinesiology, Criminal Justice, Education, Human Services, etc.) with a Study Tour to Guatemala. Students will participate in academic, cultural, and language immersion activities, service learning, and volunteer opportunities. Guatemala provides a rich historical and cultural field of information in which students will grow in their understanding of society, human behavior, critical thinking, global awareness, and vocation.

Tentative Dates: May 3-14, 2021
Tentative Cost: $4,000
Led by: Amy Schumann ( & Coralie Turner (

Oregon Adventure
The Oregon Shakespeare Festival is one of the most well-respected and influential regional (Tony Award winning) theatres in America. It produces an exceptionally diverse and socially relevant season with a mix of exciting new plays (Shakespeare, American classics and new plays, many of which are commissioned for first showing at the Shakespeare Festival). Students will see 6-7 plays and interact with actors and other theatre professionals through a variety of workshops, post-show discussions, and pre-show talks. Students will also have the opportunity to hike in the surrounding mountains and whitewater raft on the beautiful Upper Klamath river.

Tentative Dates: May 23/24-June 2, 2021
Tentative Cost: $2350
Led by: Kristin Larson ( & Ross Wastvedt (