Anai Perez Heading to Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

June 1, 2017

Grand View alumna Anai Perez (Biochemistry and Biology, 2017), is currently packing her car and moving to Seattle, Washington. Anai accepted a position as a Research Associate at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

Fred Hutchinson, or The Hutch as it is known, is one of the top three cancer research institutions in the United States. This is a lifetime dream of Anai's to impact those affected with cancer. Her story at GV has been a long road of her finding her path and realizing her vocation.

"Because of the research experience that she obtained at Grand View, she was able to receive a position typically reserved for those with a bachelor's degree and two years of research experience," said Corbin Zea, professor of chemistry. "Continued support from the Grand View administration, staff, and faculty and providing our students facilities and equipment so that they can discern their path, and be empowered to go, has been key in helping Anai realize her dream."