Recognizing the 2020 Commencement Speaker

May 28, 2020

Congratulations to Mikayla Morris, a 2020 graduate who was chosen to be the speaker at Commencement this year. Even though we were unable to hold graduation festivities, we want to congratulate and recognize Mikayla.

Here is an insert from Mikayla's narrative:

"For me, education is more than a privilege; it’s a blessing. Attending Grand View has been the important steppingstone that would help me add to the family legacy and pass the baton further. A PhD is the long-term goal. As I stepped foot on campus in 2016, my grandpa’s words were on stuck on replay in my mind. Work hard, focus on grades and put 100 percent into everything you take on. Towards the end of my freshman year, my grandpa Will passed away. His death left me questioning everything. What was the point of this race if he wouldn’t be able to see me cross the finish line? 

On April 25, most of the 2020 class, myself included, will leave GV far different than the people who first walked this campus. It has been our journey, our classes and our goals that have pushed us to become who we now are. But it is also with the support of family, friends, faculty and staff that we are here ready to cross the finish line and pass the baton. I encourage the class of 2020 to continue to grow, challenge things in this world, remember our past and continue to set the bar high for those who come after us. Thank you to everyone who has helped me prep for this and through the duration of this race. As I prepare to cross the finish line, I dedicate this one to you grandpa."