Vocation Week 2020

*Due to COVID-19, all in-person events for Vocation Week 2020, scheduled March 30 - April 3, have been cancelled.

Grand View is a community of educators, staff and students committed to the multiple voices, histories, and faith backgrounds that make us who we are. Our experiences and values come together in a common purpose of providing a transformative education that prepares people to live transforming lives. Thus, vocation at Grand View includes a number of approaches to a life of service in the world.

Viking Mentor Appreciation

As a part of Vocation Week, we had planned a Viking Mentor Appreciation reception where we could recognize and thank faculty and staff members who have made a significant difference in the life of a Grand View student. It is in these relationships that the transformational aspect of the Grand View experience comes to life. It is unfortunate that all in-person large events are cancelled and we cannot celebrate these relationships in person, but we still want to recognize them. 

The following faculty and staff members were nominated by one or more students as part of the new Viking Mentor Appreciation program. These students have written inspirational statements about how members of our faculty and staff community have supported them, which can be found below.

Mentor Appreciation Booklet

Congratulations to the students listed below for their wisdom in developing these relationships.

Faculty and Staff Nominated Include:

  • Ms. Jori Avery
  • Dr. Ahmadu Baba-Singhri
  • Dr. Sarah Miller Boelts
  • Dr. Paul Brooke
  • Ms. Laurie Butz
  • Ms. Beth Carlson
  • Dr. Jaclyn Easter
  • Dr. Michael Elsbernd
  • Dr. Amy Getty
  • Dr. Bonnie Hall
  • Dr. David Hannum
  • Ms. Diane Hintzsche
  • Dr. Grant Knotts
  • Ms. Molly Lauck
  • Dr. Thomas Lecaque
  • Mr. Dayne Logan
  • Dr. Xiang Ma
  • Mr. Klinton McGinnis
  • Dr. Jay Prescott
  • Ms. Rachel Schwaller
  • Mr. Aaron Tinder
  • Ms. Sherri Watts
  • Dr. Cyndi Wiley
  • Dr. Alec Zama
  • Dr. Corbin Zea

Students Submitting Nominations Include:

  • Alexa Pinos
  • Alli Rupert
  • Allyssa Angle
  • Baleigh Wheeler
  • Blaze Kahikina
  • Caitlyn Malloy
  • Caleb McDowell
  • Chloe Vogel
  • Colby Gochanour
  • Denise McCullough
  • Dumbari Taoh
  • Duy Ly
  • Elma Omanovic
  • Grant Weldon
  • Idris Abubakar Barau
  • Jordan Rodriguez
  • Kali Spaulding
  • Katelyn Martinson 
  • Kiya Jones
  • Kyle Nitz
  • Madison Green
  • Magda Almendarez
  • Mariah Koch
  • Marissa Ruppel
  • McKenna Quandt
  • Mikayla Morris
  • Regina King
  • Robin Fenton
  • Sumitra Basnet
  • Sunnie Baumgartner
  • Taylor Eckstrom
  • Tyler Henze