Skillnet is a global leader in assessing skills and delivering training. This strategic partnership allows our skills-based learning pathway to sit in a seamless, single system – accelerating the transformation to a skill-based organization.


Med Certs

Direct-to-Learners Industry Verified Credentials Upskilling.  Individual learners have direct access to more than 50 just-in-time certifications in Health Care, IT and other professional areas. To enroll in one of our IVC’s, click here.

Strategic Partnerships and Staff Development. The partnership allows organizations to pivot their staffing model to support a more agile and flexible workforce. To schedule an appointment, click here.

The CEPA Foundation

The JI + CEPA partnership offers a series of global learning pathways and programming to foster global fluency by building skill capacity via global immersion experiences.


The Moses Project

The JI + The Moses Project offer a series of certifications to support rural workforce development with access to upskilling, certifications and education pathways.


Executive Leadership Pathways Program

The JI Leadership Pathways Program partners with to leverage our Skills-Based Learning Pathway. Customized and immersive, this skill-development programming is aimed at supporting future leaders and executives.