Cooperating Teacher Resources 

Thank you for serving in the valuable role of Cooperating Teacher. Below are some resources that will help you navigate this mentoring role. We appreciate your leadership as you open the doors of your classroom to a guest teacher.

Please stay in communication with the Grand View University supervisor assigned to your student to let us know how the experience is progressing. We hope this is a valuable learning experience for both you and your Grand View student teacher! 

Student Teacher Orientation Student Teacher Handbook Cooperating Teacher Introduction
Mid-Term and Final Evaluation

Please complete the following form based on your experiences with the student teacher you are supervising this semester. Be in touch with the GV supervisor and see the calendar provided via email for due dates.

Mid-Term & Final Evaluation

Cooperating Evaluation of Supervisor

Please use this form to evaluate your experiences with the student teacher supervisor.  You may complete this anytime during the last week of the student teacher’s placement.  Do not include your name on this form unless you would like to be identified.  Your answers will remain confidential as your email and name will not be attached to this form upon submission.

Evaluation of GV Supervisor

Cooperating Teacher Payment Form

Please complete this form to receive payment for your time serving as a Cooperating Teacher any time during the 8 weeks your student teacher is with you.  You may fax this form to 515-263-6075 or email to Melissa Ostrem at mostrem @

If you do not wish to send this form, you may also contact the Education Department and have Nancy Van Wyk pick the form up from you. The check will be sent directly to your home address at the conclusion of your cooperating teacher responsibilities.


Renewal Credit Calculation Worksheet

Please complete this form to receive confirmation from Grand View that you supervised a student teacher for 8 weeks so that the BOEE can award .5 license renewal credits. You may scan and email this form to mostrem @