Academic Baccalaureate and Hooding

*Due to the escalation of COVID-19 in Iowa, Grand View University has made the difficult decision not to hold commencement or the Academic Baccalaureate and Hooding on April 25, 2020. Commencement is a very important time for Grand View students and families, so we will be surveying students about alternative commencement options. More information will follow. Students are completing their course work online this semester with the hope we can resume normal classroom instruction in the near future.

What is the Academic Baccalaureate and Hooding?

Rooted in our Lutheran tradition and open to students of all faiths, Baccalaureate is a religious service that honors the graduating class while also serving as a reflective occasion that focuses on students’ personal growth and achievement. During the ceremony, a faculty member will place an academic hood on the student to signify both scholarly and personal achievement. The service concludes with President Henning sending the students into this world to make a difference and live out their vocation. Because of the intimate setting, this ceremony provides a wonderful opportunity for students to reflect on their time at Grand View, engage with their favorite faculty member, give thanks to loved ones and take pictures with family and friends.

When and where is Academic Baccalaureate and Hooding?

The service begins at 10:30 a.m. the day of commencement (April 25, 2020) and lasts approximately one hour. It is held at St. John’s Lutheran Church, 600 6th Ave, Des Moines, which is a located a few blocks away from the commencement location. A map can be found here . Students participating in the service need to line up by 10 a.m. in their full academic attire.



What is special about Academic Baccalaureate and Hooding?

It is a much more intimate setting than commencement. It is rare that students receive a hood from their undergraduate institution, but Grand View faculty are proud to hood students during this service. The ceremony and the music are inspirational and quite special. The sanctuary and outdoor spaces of the church, including their garden and fountain, provide a wonderful opportunity for students and families to take photos.



Who is hooded during the Academic Baccalaureate and Hooding?

The Baccalaureate ceremony is the only opportunity for undergraduate students to be formally hooded. Graduate students are welcome to attend Baccalaureate, but they receive their hood from President Henning during the commencement ceremony.








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